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Nick Diaz requests fight with Frank Shamrock.   [View Full Version]
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The_Station » Posted 7/12/07 9:28:00PM

Shamrock will win this fight. Too much experience and ability for Diaz.

JimiMak » Posted 1/24/07 9:31:00PM

Posted by The_Station

Shamrock will win this fight. Too much experience and ability for Diaz.

His experience is all ten yrs ago, to start. Did you see the Gomi fight? too much exp and ability from shammy is more than laughable Diaz has been fightin too tough comp for him and way harder than FS has had to deal w/ in yrs. Did you see him vs Renzo? He doesn't have an answer for the guys who are now as well rounded as he was in the day. Diaz by whatever he wants (and as i've said, i HATE diaz). You can root for who you like but c'mon.... we all know FS couldn't stand or be on the ground w/ Nick.

LHK » Posted 7/16/07 2:48:00AM

You guys are funny. Frank by murder. Diaz doesn't belong in the same ring as Frank. 10 years ago my ass, Frank has never stopped training. Some say the sport passed him by, but no way, he's been lurking around training and picking his fights (whether good or bad). Diaz is just a punk kid with a bad attitude, he would be in a street gang or something if mma didn't exist, kind of like Krazy Horse.

And yes, I have seen the Gomi fight, Diaz was having his head used as a punching bag before Gomi gassed. Think about it, Gomi lives and breathes fighting, his one chance to hang out in Vegas in the US, he's gonna go out and party, especially with the title not being on the line. Put the title on the line and Gomi obliterates Diaz no question.

Frank is so far ahead of Diaz in every area it's not even funny. And Renzo (I actually respect him although not most of the crybaby Gracies) knew he was outmatched and faked being hurt (just look at him exiting the arena laughing, but as soon as he sees a reporter he pretends to be hurt again). No excuse to Frank though, he's not exactly a class act, but he will destroy Renzo in the rematch.

Diaz will not be able to take a long enough beating from Frank to tire him out and slap on a lucky sub. Frank will knock him out early on. And if by some miracle (Frank being injured as in the Baroni fight) Diaz actually survives long enough to get it to the ground Frank is way to good to be caught in a sub, he will easily overpower Diaz and sub or gnp tko.

GDK » Posted 7/5/07 9:52:00AM

This will be a good fight for Nick if he gets it
He's still coming into his prime and need to feel what well rounded champion class MMA is about.
Gomi under-estimated Diaz greatly and Nick made a fool out of him.

But Shamrock....well that guy is very smart.
He has never walked into a fight under-estimating his opponent.
Even though he makes out as if he doesn't care.
That's always been his style, even in Pancrase.
He loves to taunt the other guy.

It's tacky sometimes.
But it always builds a good fight.

Shamrock will win this one.
Diaz will get a lot of experience from the fight.
Maybe Nick will get a rematch on a declining Shamrock and redeem himself.
But thats atleast two years away.


LHK » Posted 7/16/07 2:48:00AM

Good to see there are still guys with some sense around. I don't see Diaz EVER beating Shamrock though (or any top fighter for that matter). Diaz will never be a top tier fighter, he's just not good enough.

boob » Posted 2/22/07 7:16:00PM


JimiMak » Posted 1/24/07 9:31:00PM

Posted by boob


This would be best to me, although some ppl are still very unrealistic about Frank being a top tier fighter. Renzo killed him, til the illegal blows, that should say it all. FS hasn't been a top tier fighter in a long time, and to change that he needs to fight a top tier fighter. Baroni is the closest he's gotten, Diaz would be another step up for him towards fighting top fighters. I still say I would bet my house on Diaz, if this were to go down.

LHK » Posted 7/16/07 2:48:00AM

Well, be prepared to be homeless if this fight happens.

Frank won't fight Diaz anyway, and there is no reason for Frank to run a mma clinic on him.

And Frank was actually ahead on points vs Renzo before the illegal blows (classless btw, but Frank wouldn't lose on purpose).

And yes, Frank needs to fight and beat the best to be regarded as the best, but he doesn't owe that to anyone, much less you for you to think he is top tier or not. But Frank always backs up the trash he talks - because he is that good, whether people like him or not.

bigstik01 » Posted 7/25/07 2:19:00PM

i think it would be entertaining to say the least. But its all about the 209 baby!

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

I say Frank all the way.

MoJoy » Posted 7/14/07 1:46:00AM

Nick Diaz would be in a horrendous spot against Frank Shamrock. He would be overpowered, standing or on the ground. It's not about who you like, it's about who would win. This fight between two of the fight games more polarizing figures would be in Franks benefit. Yea man.

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