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College Wrestling Weight cut 145-125   [View Full Version]
blairwrestler97 » Posted 5/27/16 8:56:00PM

Hey guys,

I'm really hoping for some advice. I currently weigh 145 pounds at about 10-12% bf. I will be competing at 125 pounds this upcoming season, my freshman year at college, at Rutgers. My obvious concern is my weight cut. I was looking into Mie Dolce's 3 weeks to shredded as a possible way to get down, but even then the programmed outlined is for a 200-pound man, not someone my size My question then would be how to go about this weight cut, and getting down to 125. If I use 3w2s, how could I modify it for my size? Or does someone have a protocol I could follow to get down, or if someone has a lot of experience in this?

Thank you guys!

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Sorry man, I quit cutting years ago...the most I've done is 28 pounds in 2 days, 18 pounds in 1 day and it was just massive dehydration. With the new rules out there (stopped in 2000) and not having wrestled in college much I couldn't be any real help. I know this, I'd be letting the coaches know asap.

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