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Jay1984 » Posted 4/24/16 3:50:00PM

Thinking of taking this course on Udemy in Hand to hand combat, but wondered if anyone had done it or anything similar and whether it helped them?

Learn Close Combat Training: Military Hand-To-Hand Combat

Thanks all

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Basically some retired/end of contract guys who were MAIs (martial arts instructors) in the military took to the civilian market. Here is the thing with both Combative and MCMAP; it is decent if you do it a LOT. Most don't, and this course has a ton of classroom time and depending on how they teach may be light on the actual practice. Practice is where you learn the most and the quickest...for that honestly I'd say just do a basic and a real BJJ school. A Gracie University is a really good start. I am a MCMAP Brown belt with a pretty decent amount of experience in wrestling and boxing. I recently (last year) was training with a buddy who is a bjj blue belt (don't remember the lineage but I do remember it was legit) and man did I have troubles...and I outweigh him by 50 lbs of muscle. Now in the stand up it was definitely favored for me, but on the ground he usually beat me, he just had to take a bit of a beating and set things up right. I got him a few times but like 85%+ of the time he got a sub on me. I think you would do best with just bjj, and at most some simple and basic boxing instruction.

Trig » Posted 4/5/15 4:36:00PM

Don't waste your time or your money. Any curriculum that states,

"•A 2-hit combination GUARANTEED to shatter your attacker's jaw... every single time. (Six months of dental surgery and he MIGHT be able to talk and actually stand trial.)"

will be more of a joke than you want to waste your money on. Jae_1833 is completely accurate when he says you would be better off joining a reputable BJJ gym. The key word here is reputable though. There are a shit load of guys that train for 1-2 years and think they can open up a school and charge you money. Do your homework, find a good school, and have fun. Who knows you might even end up joining a sub league or even step into the cage as an amateur.

martinlorek » Posted 1/3/17 7:22:00AM

Not yet.
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