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Unbeaten Canadian eyes UFC debut against Edgar.   [View Full Version]
Canadian_MM_EH » Posted 5/11/07 1:52:00AM

Growing up in Canada most young males dream of making it to the National Hockey League. The dream is fostered by the country’s undying love of its national pastime. Toronto native Mark Bocek’s aspirations, although different from those of many of his childhood friends, required the same dedication and support from his family. Treks in snow and sleet to practices through which less-committed teammates chose to sleep were commonplace for Bocek and his family. They wanted him to succeed in the sport he loved – martial arts.........Read the rest at->>>>

TOMMYAYO05 » Posted 6/27/07 5:26:00PM

Canadas only pride and joy is GSP and maybe David.

Canadian_MM_EH » Posted 5/11/07 1:52:00AM


KingKash » Posted 6/13/07 12:25:00AM

Posted by TOMMYAYO05

Canadas only pride and joy is GSP and maybe David.

You know nothing!!!!!!!

Metafour » Posted 6/21/07 3:43:00PM

Thank you for posting the article. Everyone I know says Bocek has amazing BJJ.

teddythetuna » Posted 1/16/07 5:06:00PM

there are lots of great canadian fighters. great article.

Rush » Posted 1/31/07 10:42:00PM

I was hoping Bocek would remain an underdog so I could get some bonus points.

I think he'll make some noise in the UFC.

seamus07 » Posted 6/22/07 8:16:00AM

Posted by TOMMYAYO05

Canadas only pride and joy is GSP and maybe David.

Do you even watch mma? Get your head out of your ass.

JBatch » Posted 3/28/07 1:19:00AM

My God whoever was ignorant enough to say Canada has two good fighters is misinformed. Bocek will win this fight and surprise everyone. He is a beast I hav e seen 2 of his fights and he dominates.

Other good Canadian fighters that could hang in the UFC include: Jason "Dooms" Day, Tyler "TNT" Jackson, Justin Tavarnini, "Torture" Chambers and in the future Jordan Mein. There are plenty of others those are just a few not to mention past or current fighters like Doerkson, Newton, Goodridge, Joslin, Goulet, Fabiano, Horedecki, Hominick etc.

Be prepared to see the "up and comming" Edgar go to sleep via rear naked choke in the first round.

JunCTion » Posted 1/15/07 5:40:00PM

dudes, im not even from canada and i agree with you.

gsp, crow, cote, stout, kang, mcdonald, doerksen, horodecki, vigneault, hominick, greer, goulet, valimaki, soszynski

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