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Derek3x » Posted 2/1/07 10:51:00PM

I have a feeling this has been done a millions times, but I searched and got nothing. So sorry ahead of time. But putting in a avatar, it doesn't do any movement on the gif. That being said, I saw people do this, but the image links to the forums some how. How does that work?

Ydoc » Posted 2/2/07 9:39:00AM

Is the image you put in a animated gif or just a still image? Was it moving before you uploaded it in your image viewer? I got my gif from Fight Report and edited them down with Beneton Movie Gif to fit the avatar size limits.

Derek3x » Posted 2/1/07 10:51:00PM

It is animated and I have used it on every forum I am a member of. I will double check size limits and everything. Thanks for the reply

Ydoc » Posted 2/2/07 9:39:00AM

Sure man... and I found this:

Looks like you do need to resize it as a gif.

CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM

Sorry dude but you are bang out of luck - when they revamped the site they reduced the avatar capacity to just 65KB - this is too small for really any kind of gif - the only reason mine and ydocs etc are still working is cos we already had them up and they havnt stopped them, but if we deleated them and tried to upload it wouldnt work - mine for example is about 125KB so double what is allowed

See my thread for the mod explantions of this -

You can upload really small and short ones - BY THE WAY if anybody knows how to shorten a GIF PLEASE tell me, i know how to resize and crop them etc but not how to shorted the actualy running length time
So you could add one like this -
Or you can make existing gifs all black and white and crappy looking like this -

Derek3x » Posted 2/1/07 10:51:00PM

Yeah I noticed mine was way over the size limit. That sucks. Anyways, shorten your gif using - Beneton Movie Gif. Just delete the frames. I tried it but it is real shitty with a 40k limit.

Thanks for everyones help

Derek3x » Posted 2/1/07 10:51:00PM

Looks like crap, but better then nothing, lol. Thanks guys

TonyDanza » Posted 1/27/07 12:22:00PM

Ulead Gif animator will let you take single/multiple frames out . Very easy too.

CornishMMA » Posted 2/27/07 10:43:00AM

Thanks for the GIF software thing, i used it and made some that are still better than nothing

Even tho its small you can still see the sweat fly -

Hellboys knees

Ydoc » Posted 2/2/07 9:39:00AM

Those are pretty sweet considering the new limitations.

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