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Kid gets bullied, father figure displays lack of competence.   [View Full Version]
tildengolfer » Posted 2/19/11 9:57:00PM

Legitimately don't know where to post w/o further adieu...


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Lot of good and a lot of dumb answers...I think the way I've handled it has worked. My boy is 10 and just as nice as they come...not me at all. He is a video game playing, super hero loving, gentle, popular, polite and obedient little guy. I've tried telling him to fight but he won't for many of his own personal reasons that are simply that...his own. The way I figure it is who am I to convince him to fight or to not fight. If he does he does, if he gets whooped or whoops some ass then it's on him. They'll all grow into their own people and unless it's a big problem then I let it be. My personal feelings and how I have handled things have not always been the best for anyone involved. I just want him to be healthy and wise.

Gumby90 » Posted 5/27/14 11:18:00AM

i think we're speaking from a pussified american culture where fighting is unacceptable and dealt with swiftly. this sounds like outside the us and quite honestly if bullys are getting in your face and messing with you physically and emotionally sometimes you gotta fight, even if you lose.

i came from a place where i was a sensitive artist type in a school where i was one of a small handful of white males, which made me a target. people would start shit with me and not relent. eventually you had to kick some ass.

without anyone in the schools protecting students emotional and physical well being with rules, then it becomes the rule of the jungle, namely self defense.

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