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What are your UFC 73 upsets?   [View Full Version]
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Piccosaur » Posted 6/22/07 8:45:00PM

I put $1000 on Hermes Franca, and $44 on Bocek (might get lucky). Are you predicting/betting on any upsets at 73?

richieb19 » Posted 2/4/07 7:47:00PM

Marquardt, hands down.

fedorwins1 » Posted 1/25/07 7:02:00PM

Posted by richieb19

Marquardt, hands down.

If a totally gassed Lutter could take down Silva, then Marquardt will easilly and he will be able to control Silva for a Dec.

jeremygreen » Posted 6/23/07 5:11:00PM

Nate will definately have his hands full, but I think he will win by G an P or by unanimous decision.

Piccosaur » Posted 6/22/07 8:45:00PM

I see Silva trying to finish him quick and it working. We'll have to see I guess.

fiftystunter » Posted 6/23/07 11:38:00AM

Hermes Franca over Sherk im betting the farm on it and i dont know if you call it in upset i quess some might but i see Rashad beating Tito in that fight. Tito dont like to get puched and hes not gonna be able to take Rashad down who has good stand up...its gonna be a war but Rashad will walk away the winner!

Piccosaur » Posted 6/22/07 8:45:00PM

I do think Rashad has heavier hands and hits harder but I think technique-wise Tito is going to out do him and get the win. Hopefully it's an all out strike-fest though.

DangerousDjohn » Posted 6/15/07 9:58:00AM

Hermes will win. 100%

eataface » Posted 1/18/07 1:30:00PM

Heathe Herring will destroy "Big Nog"

Yeah ******* right, sorry I think I slipped into an alternate universe. (I think it was called Bizarro world)

I really really want for Rashad to man handle Tito.

I am in agreeance with the hermes beating Sherk.

fedorwins1 » Posted 1/25/07 7:02:00PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

Hermes will win. 100%

I want to know how Hermes will win though? Sherk has better cardio, hands, he's stronger, better wrestling, and is overall more well rounded. Sherk has only lost twice and that was at welterweight against GSP and Hughes, you have to give the man some credit.

cincyassasin » Posted 4/22/07 6:03:00PM

I got Nate over Anderson and have believed it since the day I heard the fight was taking place.

taz3423 » Posted 1/15/07 7:25:00PM

Mark Bocek over Frankie Edgar. Bocek is a world class grappler and I could totally see him subbing Edgar.

Nate Marquardt over Anderson Silva. Marquardt can hold his own standing and I think has the edge on the ground.

Hermes Franca over Sean Sherk. Franca will get taken down and hopefully he can avoid the GnP and slip in a submission.

Mike Nickels over Stephan Bonnar. I think the super long lay off for Bonnar will cause him some definite rust in the cage.

SteedTheDeed » Posted 1/25/07 7:01:00PM

franca will not beat sherk, tito will probably get a decision. best bet for an upset is silva vs nate for sure.

fedorwins1 » Posted 1/25/07 7:02:00PM

Posted by taz3423
Mike Nickels over Stephan Bonnar. I think the super long lay off for Bonnar will cause him some definite rust in the cage.

Really you think Nickels over Bonnar, because Bonnar has ring rust? Well Nickles last fight was 6/24/2006 and Bonnar's was 8/26/2006. Yes Nickles has had a win since then on 4/28/2007, but it was a 7 second KO, so to me ring rust shouldn't matter at all. You don't get your timing, nerves, and everything back together in 7 seconds. Bonnar takes it rather easily in my opinion.

tepid55 » Posted 2/4/07 2:11:00PM

I think Franca will beat Sherk and I think Marquardt might decision Silva.

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