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Baroni, "Ninja" Cleared to Fight Friday   [View Full Version]
szucconi » Posted 4/19/07 12:08:00PM

Hurdles in the way of Phil Baroni (Pictures) and Murilo Rua's (Pictures) anticipated fights Friday in San Jose, Calif. have been cleared, California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Armando Garcia told


thepunisher » Posted 2/2/07 11:42:00AM

War ninja

Porch28 » Posted 2/11/07 3:08:00PM

Do you think ninja will make his way to the UFC??? I hope so

gutoo » Posted 6/12/07 5:53:00PM


ultimatefighter33 » Posted 6/2/07 9:04:00PM

i hope ninja does go to the ufc i think he will do well plust it will mean the arrival of shogun how bad ass is that

Porch28 » Posted 2/11/07 3:08:00PM

I heard Baroni is Gay???

Leland » Posted 4/24/07 11:10:00AM

Posted by Porch28

I heard Baroni is Gay???


Yeah I hope Ninja finds his way to UFC. I'm sure Dana will be bothering him soon enough.

MMA_Needs_Mayhem » Posted 6/17/07 6:49:00PM

I heard Baroni say 'he was in top condition' according to one of the sherdog radio shows (Stephen Quadros), but at the same time he was smoking a cigarette. How does that work?

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