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Dana White: I’ve Talked to Kurt Angle, But He’d Get “Destroyed” in MMA   [View Full Version]
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aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

Dana White recently confirmed that he’s again opened discussions with 1996 Olympic gold medalist and WWE/TNA “professional wrestler” Kurt Angle about a possible mixed-martial-arts debut with the UFC. However, White says that Angle would get “destroyed” in the UFC if he doesn’t start working on his MMA skills.


Vietnamese_Guy » Posted 1/24/07 3:17:00PM

i agree

Naturaldisaster » Posted 4/8/07 4:17:00PM

kurt wouldn't have a chance in ufc. kurt just wants to become even more famous than he already is. I used to be a kurt fan in wwe but he needs to just drop the thought of mma.

wickerman » Posted 6/19/07 12:47:00PM

I also agree...

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

All I have to say is................... Kurt Angle?.........LOL hahahahaha

Let him try that angle slam shit and get knocked out !

Naturaldisaster » Posted 4/8/07 4:17:00PM

oh no he's takin the shoulder straps off! lol

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

Posted by Naturaldisaster

kurt wouldn't have a chance in ufc. kurt just wants to become even more famous than he already is. I used to be a kurt fan in wwe but he needs to just drop the thought of mma.

I wouldn't say that, the guys an athlete and he's a champion in the true sense. If he chose to I think he'd do well in MMA. Of course I'll take that all back if we find out he has a glass jaw.....

Primo » Posted 5/26/07 5:33:00PM

Kurt's a great athlete who claims he would own Brock backstage when they would grapple, which personally I doubt. I think Brock Lesnar is a freak, and much stronger then Kurt, however Kurt is much more accomplished. As long as he knew submission and GNP he would do better then good, the guy is tough as nails and has an uncanny threshold for pain, not to mention crazy intensity. Don't forget the Ankle Lock!!! lol

OBEY » Posted 6/16/07 1:33:00AM

I agree with dana white aswell, kurt might be living in the past
if he thinks he can get by with just his wrestling skills. he better start
training he's gonna need it !

nastshabast » Posted 5/24/07 1:04:00AM

i think it comes down to whether or not he has a he's pretty old to just start this

KingKash » Posted 6/13/07 12:25:00AM

Kurt was a great Athlete before, but the 1996 gold medalist was 11 years ago. I am not saying that he has no skill, because that would be a major understatment, but the man is to old to start anything like this. He has to many health problems to beging with, his knees are shot and his back and neck can not take much more. He also probabley has never taken a "true" hit to the face. I know that the odd hit may land in the wrestling world, but to get hit square on is another thing. He will be thrown off his game and would be punched into defeat. Kurt should stay with the wrestling thing and enjoy the next 4 years that he has left in that buisness.

mmadb » Posted 1/17/07 11:21:00AM

Would Angle get spanked? Probably.

Would I pay to see it? Hell yes!

Omega » Posted 1/14/07 2:15:00PM

Y'all be haters.

MisFiT » Posted 3/6/07 7:31:00PM

Kurt Vs. Coleman would be a good fight to see.

mmadb » Posted 1/17/07 11:21:00AM

Posted by Omega

Y'all be haters.

Angle is the man, I'd be pulling for him big time. They just need to give him someone like Marrero that he could potentially spank to start. Even better would be Min Soo Kim lol.

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