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Dana White: Dissolving of PRIDE Fighting Championships a “Possibility”   [View Full Version]
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aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, owners of Zuffa LLC (the UFC’s parent company), finalized their purchase of PRIDE Fighting Championships last month, and UFC president Dana White hasn’t ruled out the possibility that the UFC will simply take PRIDE’s best talent and then disband the Japanese-based organization.


aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

i think it's safe to say


Primo » Posted 5/26/07 5:33:00PM

I think Dana White is the most hated man in Japan lol

aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

dana white is the most hated man.

Vietnamese_Guy » Posted 1/24/07 3:17:00PM

wow dana doesnt care about japanese fan base....

cjandnw » Posted 1/22/07 11:27:00AM

Pride 33, the second coming...I loved the female screaming announcer. Please consider her some of the best talent...please!

GrandMaster313 » Posted 6/9/07 7:01:00PM

Dana is a dumb-ass. If he goes global it grabs the industry by the balls. No one could compete fairly with Dana. Besides it could have brought the U.S. some money. There's a lot of Billionares in Japan and other countries who love that shit too

szucconi » Posted 4/19/07 12:08:00PM

I would be a bad move to throw away the Pride name in Japan. I don't think Pride should be another org, but they should use the name when they go to Japan. They will have more "Street Cred"

Primo » Posted 5/26/07 5:33:00PM

I think they should've ran PRIDE as a seperate entity, cross promotion, and have that huge "superbowl of mma" in december every year. Think of the money they would've made. I think Dana's ego got in the way, they would sell out arenas over there averaging 40,000 with as much as 90,000. Financially it doesn't make any sense.

nastshabast » Posted 5/24/07 1:04:00AM

Posted by szucconi

I would be a bad move to throw away the Pride name in Japan. I don't think Pride should be another org, but they should use the name when they go to Japan. They will have more "Street Cred"

hahaha street cred

tomp6581 » Posted 1/29/07 10:53:00AM

I think it is the right thing to do taking everything into consideration......i was a big pride fan.....but Pride wouldnt be the same now.........UFC would still hold events in Japan.....because they can't ignore crowds of 60,000......the difference is, the Fighters will be in an octagon not a ring.

KingKash » Posted 6/13/07 12:25:00AM

For those saying that Dana is stupid that is wrong. If it was not for him, MMA would still be on the bottom of the pile, of events to watch, for people in north amarica. He was able to bring mma into the main stream in north america and I know that a lot of my friends started to watch UFC after the TUFF show began. Before that they would make fun of me for watching it, just like they did for WWE, but that is a multi Billion dollor company now. Dana is right to take the talent from Japan and bring it over. They will be able to do two shows in Japan a year with the rosters that they have. I would bet on there being two shown in a month. Hell in June the UFC has 3 major shows going on.

fatdevil1982 » Posted 6/5/07 7:55:00AM

Nikkan Sports reported on Wednesday morning that the first show of the 'shinsei' (newborn) PRIDE will happen on August 18th at Saitama Super Arena (the same 'home' building that DSE used). The theme of the show will be a "Japanese all-star" presentation, centered around Hidehiko Yoshida.

mmadb » Posted 1/17/07 11:21:00AM

You know I think Dana's a smart man but dissolving Pride is a flat-out stupid move if he does it.

I hope that last link is accurate.

MisFiT » Posted 3/6/07 7:31:00PM

Why spend all that money and time when you can have the best fighters and best cards in one org in your own territory.

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