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Ronda Rousey: I'm also the best striker   [View Full Version]
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machodog76 » Posted 6/26/07 10:37:00PM

I'm a Ronda fan, but no. I think Holly Holm would wreck her standing.

UFC_Fanatic » Posted 10/2/08 10:22:00AM

Posted by GDPofMPG

She's so good, she has to tell people about it.

Worked for Richard Sherman! Difference being his on field play and numbers back that up, she has done nothing to prove this point. Best grappler? okay, I'll give her that. Best striker? Not so much. as a matter of fact, I don't know that I'd have her in the top 5, or probably even top 10 in her weight class.

Michael_Corleone » Posted 4/7/11 11:08:00PM

Ronda has made strides in the standup department over the past couple years. Not too much power but very technically sound. Solid chin too. And has never needed to use male hormone enhancements to beat the breaks off of a bitch. Ronda's alright in my book.

40ouncetpkid » Posted 5/3/11 12:43:00AM

Tate was tagging her at will on the feet. I wouldn't be confident in her beating even Pena in a kick boxing match. Her coach says she's been dropping woman's champions but he's a arrogant prick staring down Tate's team around everycorner trying to start crap on the show so I don't believe a damn thing he says.

I think she's just trying to hype the fight since she knows she won't bully McMann on the ground and will need the striking. If she's really bout that life tell Pimp Daddy Dana to sign Holms and Cyborg to put up or shut up!

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

Well, I'll be sure to read about it considering I don't want my ppv buy to be misconstrued as caring about her fight at all.


scpd400 » Posted 10/28/07 9:57:00PM

She is so full of it. I am not buying this fight or any fight that has Rhonda as the headlines. Dana is trying to pass her off as the biggest draw in UFC. I hope no body buys this fight.

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