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aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM

Today’s report that Michael Bisping will face UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock at a September UFC card in London was met with a variety of reactions — confusion, frustration and especially some skepticism. And even though the UFC decided not to address the rumored fight at an official UFC 75 press conference earlier today, Shamrock has confirmed that he’s in negotiations with the UFC for a return to the Octagon.


MMAinstinct » Posted 2/13/07 10:29:00PM

I got ken shamrock by Vicious ankle lock

Fanboy 1988 » Posted 4/18/07 10:12:00AM

Man, when's Shamrock gonna call it quits. I'd like to see him leave MMA with with a win as much as the next guy. But it's clear he's just to old, he's got to much wear and tear.

If he does fight again I'll be rooting for him, but certainly won't put money on it..

blood_and_fire » Posted 1/27/07 6:36:00PM

im actually going to go with shammy on this one. just a feeling.

i think he's going to rock bisping's world.


rednose909 » Posted 4/19/07 12:25:00PM

I respect Ken's heart and past accomplishments...but this can only end badly for him...must need the pay check.

StorminYourman » Posted 1/24/07 5:45:00PM

I think he would do better if he went after some easier competition.Let him tool Hamill

nastshabast » Posted 5/24/07 1:04:00AM

lol shamrock must need a paycheck........go bisbing

bigjoey » Posted 3/16/07 8:15:00AM

Posted by blood_and_fire

im actually going to go with shammy on this one. just a feeling.

i think he's going to rock bisping's world.

Agreed, Bisping looked like shit against Sinosic, and Ken is a lot stronger and more skilled. I think Ken is more likely to win this then the Ortiz or franklin fights that he lost.

kmansoori6 » Posted 6/4/07 12:45:00PM

Bisping by tiger uppercut

fatdevil1982 » Posted 6/5/07 7:55:00AM

LAS VEGAS -- "The World's Most Dangerous Man'" stretches out on the poolside lounge of a Las Vegas resort, sitting in his lap is 3-month-old granddaughter Malen. His sculpted biceps flex and gleam in the 107-degree heat as he delicately rubs another coat of sun block lotion on the baby.

This is the dichotomy of Ken Shamrock; he is undeniably strong, yet observant and caring. His career is such that he can be defined unquestionably as one of the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighters and also one of the greatest pro wrestling entertainers -- an athlete and a showman.

Zuffa LLC
Ken Shamrock says that just because he can't get past Tito Ortiz doesn't mean he can't still fight.He's as calm as the blue sky above and as powerful as the desert sun beating down when stating, "I'm waiting to see when my next fight will be. My agent Rod Donohue is negotiating with (UFC president) Dana White. I'm ready to return and I hope it's soon."

Since his third loss in as many tries against Tito Ortiz in October, it has been assumed though not officially declared that Shamrock has retired. He understands there has been confusion on his status.

"It's a fair question," he says. "But that time will come when fans don't want to watch me any longer and my body can't get ready to be at the top level. That hasn't happened in either case."

Because of the Ortiz fights, Shamrock feels there were presumptions made about his ability to stay near the peak of the mighty UFC mountain he helped build when he and Royce Gracie competed in the first UFC Super Fight in April 1995.

"I had a couple of bad fights and some in the UFC thought that was that. I never made a comment I was retiring. Don't judge me on one guy. If you do that then (Chuck) Liddell, (Randy) Couture and (Quinton) Jackson should all quit, " he explains, "Chuck lost to (Quinton) Jackson twice, Randy lost to Chuck twice and Quinton lost to (Wanderlei) Silva twice. There's that one guy you just can't beat. I can't explain it, but for some reason I can't beat Ortiz. But if you base it on that alone, that one guy, half of the UFC fighters would be retired."

Would you like to see Ken Shamrock
in the octagon one more time?

He pauses to cover Malen's head with a damp cloth. She is laughing as grownups move toward shade. Perhaps even at this tender age she already gets that there is a special genetic quality in the Shamrock pool. Ken chuckles at the suggestion, then shrugs as if there might be something to the spur-of-the-moment theory.

On the upper right side of his bronzed torso is an eight-inch long reddish scar from shoulder replacement surgery three-and-a-half months ago. Which does revert to a 43-year-old, major surgery and retirement questions. Shamrock smiles broadly, "I've been training hard. I dumbbell bench 125s (as in pounds) right now, have been about a couple of months since the operation.

"God has given me opportunities and I've been blessed mentally in that I believe I can't be hurt, can't be stopped. Obviously, it's going to happen so you have to have that mentality. I heal quickly."

He concedes some roller-coaster dealings with White, "like any fighter with any promoter," but praises him for the growth of the UFC.

"Dana has done an amazing job," Shamrock says. "I knew it had the potential and had an audience, but never thought it would get to this scale he's taken it from when I started."

Shamrock was an underground star before anyone had heard of the UFC and small core groups of MMA fans dotted the country. It was in those formative years in the early '90s that he believes influenced not just mixed martial arts but the then-World Wrestling Federation.

"There's a lot of similar ties with the WWF and the UFC in their stars and the way both took off. It all comes down to individuals buying into their character and the game. MMA molds (Bill) Goldberg and (Steve) Austin took on these bad---- characters from old school MMA guys like me, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn. They took our characters and moved it into entertainment."

He continues to dissect the MMA-WWF cycle, "People didn't know us then from MMA, that we were these real bad---- guys but had a very small following. Steve Austin knew us though, so did other wrestlers who had gone in that direction," he said. "Then when I moved into the WWF, further developing the reputation as 'The World's Most Dangerous Man,' people were crazy for anything WWF then and I started developing a following and people started learning where I had come from, my fighting background. Then when I went back to MMA it had blown up like the WWF, the mainstream had caught up. True fans and those who studied all this made the connection."

Shamrock is in Las Vegas to coach his team, the Nevada Lions, in an International Fight League match. The fledgling IFL is the first MMA team conceptualized organization.

"I have seven children, two grandchildren. I have to make a living. The UFC didn't offer me any fights and the IFL came along and offered me a job," he says. "That's why I'm here, I make my living in the fight game."

He doesn't see a conflict in IFL coaching and UFC fighting.

"They are totally different," Shamrock says. "The IFL doesn't have to compete with a big show, the UFC's got all of it anyway. This is about a team of fighters representing a city or area, it's a whole different animal, fans for a team, fans for an individual. As MMA grows there's room."

As the man who created the prototype MMA training center, the Lion's Den, over a decade ago, Shamrock is as much a professor of the sport as he is one of the sport's most respected competitors.

"Coaching, fighting, it's what I do, have done and enjoy," he says. "The young guys who come into the Den, I tell them, 'Take care of your character, your career. You want to be a bad----, do it in the ring, don't take it outside of that. Learn how to be a professional, never take fans for granted.' I've always taken care of my fans. If they don't ask me for an autograph I feel I haven't done something right."

As if on cue, as if every card inside the resort's casino turned up a '21' at every blackjack table, a couple of people who had been staring at the ruggedly handsome Shamrock from across the pool have now gotten up the courage to approach.

He sincerely acknowledges the good wishes by extending his hand. Ripples can't help moving through his muscular arm and the fans can't contain giant smiles of excitement in shaking hands with a legend. The UFC Hall of Famer is pleased with the recognition. As they walk on, the caring Ken gets tough again on the topic of getting back to action.

"I feel good about the training. Good about the support of my family and friends," he said. "The negotiations are going good with the UFC. I'm ready to rock."

With that, Shamrock puts another damp cloth around Malen, while adding more sunblock. She's content. He stretches back in the lounge chair as the rays wash upon him. Ken Shamrock isn't finished with his time in the sun.

nWo » Posted 3/8/07 3:58:00PM

i dont think its gonna happen

HighKick07 » Posted 5/25/07 1:14:00PM

not gonna happen.first bisping has to get passed rashad.which aint gonna happen.second shamrock is gonna be dead b4 then.but if it did said to say i think shamrock would win.bisping really isnt that good.

mrsmiley » Posted 4/12/07 4:37:00PM

While i'm rooting for Shamrock,I think he's just being used as a pawn in a bigger plan.

This is Dana Whites opprotunity to bring back a UFC legend who helped build the sport, to be his mouth piece in reaction to Randy Couture leaving.Just wait and see.Shamrock will be praising his salary,and stating fighters are getting paid fairly.He might even pick a few shots at Couture.

Dana is screaming about Couture's agent.He'll leave the rest to a UFC legend in response to Couture leaving.

MaxUFC » Posted 2/11/07 2:53:00AM

Is he back for The Ultimate Fighter 7 coach?!

Or Dana just screw with IFL?

I really not want Ken Sharmock come back to UFC....I respects him what he did make MMA world aka his fight camp, Lion's Den then leave his name alone. He seeemd mind to be lost again?.

D0wnUnd6e6r » Posted 9/13/07 5:12:00PM

Ken, no, not again...

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