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Who do you think won?   [View Full Version]
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tmas » Posted 6/15/07 2:09:00AM

personally i thought Johnny won but that GSP would be given the decision as is customary in "close" title fights. I had Hendricks 4 rounds to 1 or 3-2 was wavering between those.

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

Hendricks. I'm pretty disappointed tbh.


tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

I gave it to Hendricks 3 rounds to 2. I thought he won 1, 2 and 4.


Adam_Buru » Posted 1/22/07 7:55:00PM

I had it 3 - 2 to Hendricks. Round 1 was close though and that was one of the ones I gave to Hendricks.

Round 1 --- 10 - 9 Hendricks
Round 2 --- 10 - 9 Hendricks
Round 3 --- 10 - 9 GSP
Round 4 --- 10 - 9 Hendricks
Round 5 --- 10 - 9 GSP

It wasn't the worst decision I've ever seen. It was a close fight, but I gave to Hendricks by 1 round. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if GSP landed the most strikes throughout the fight.

Great fight IMO.

aussiemma » Posted 1/27/12 10:34:00PM

My initial reaction was that Hendricks got robbed, but now I'm not so sure... Have to watch the fight again. I think the big issue in this fight was who won the 1st round, as all the other rounds are pretty much clear cut.

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

I gave Hendricks the first, but scored the 2nd for GSP because he got hurt but he picked Hendricks apart afterward. I think the second round was the deciding round in my mind, and people just got excited seeing GSP get hurt.

FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

Hendricks. I just don't see how GSP could've won. We need to switch to judging the fight as a whole instead of individual rounds. These judges aren't getting smarter but maybe that will help.

warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

I agree that Hendricks won, but it wasn't a robbery. This is a title fight folks, whether you agree or not, title fights weigh in favor of the title holder. You have to beat the champ to be the champ. Very rarely do titles switch hands in back and forth fights.

Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

The top 3 p4p all lost their last fight.

Jose Aldo #1.

I had it 49-46 Hendricks.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

tmas » Posted 6/15/07 2:09:00AM

it wasnt really back and forth Hendricks i dont believe had 1 mark on him, with the strikes total being so close it goes to damage that decided the fight and agression Hendricks had both easily. He also controlled the fight the majority of the time.

Chael_Sonnen » Posted 5/25/10 12:40:00PM

The only thing Jorge won was a trip to the HOSPITAL ((true story))

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cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

Conspiracy theorists will have you believe Johny tapped in round 1 based on this gif, but I'm not buying it.

I thought Johny won 3-2, round 1 is the only one in question IMO, and it was close enough where I'm not all crazy over the decision. If the scoring system were based on the whole fight rather than round by round, then I think it's clear Johny won, but that's not how it is. Hendricks is getting another shot really soon though regardless of whether it's against GSP or not.


Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

Between the variables of Johnny landing more power shots, having more power, and a better chin id say he probably did about twice as much damage on the feet in a fight where Gsps only offense was on the feet.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

Dana is pissed.


ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Dana White is dumping on GSP hard.

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