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Does Jeff Monson really have 3 opponents lined up in a 3 week span?   [View Full Version]
JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM

Okay I just noticed this and I understand he may want to be active and all but 3 fights in 3 weeks seems a little unrealistic. What do you guys think?

Jeff Monson vs Satoshi Ishii Oct. 20th, 2013 @ M-1 Challenge 42


Jeff Monson vs Mike Hayes Nov. 2th, 2013 @ Cage Warrior Combat 9


Jeff Monson vs Vinny Magalhaes Nov. 9th, 2013 @ GWC 2 USA vs Brazil



shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

Wowwwww Monson is a fuckin beast! I'll be impressed if he wins all 3

GDPofMPG » Posted 2/22/08 6:29:00PM

Posted by shaneTpain

Wowwwww Monson is a fuckin beast! I'll be impressed if he wins all 3

I would be also, Judo Ace HW, a Solid HW journeymen and a BJJ Ace, not a bad three weeks if he survives and actually finds ways to win.

FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

He's had 7 cancelled fights since 2012 so I'll be surprised if he manages all three. He'll be lucky to make it through Ishii unscathed, though.

scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

Vinny is probably 1/2 his age. Props to Monson, but I imagine he takes everything thrown his way.


infestructure » Posted 1/18/12 9:29:00PM

Never count out the Snowman

cowcatcher » Posted 1/16/07 1:02:00AM

He loves to book fights in bunches over the past couple years. If it was anyone else it would be surprising, but not with the Snowman.


GDPofMPG » Posted 2/22/08 6:29:00PM

It sucks though that he is physically very broken. He can't keep up in a lot of tough fights at all any more, hasn't for a while. I get the impression from his fight frequency and activity, along with his sometimes odd outlook on things in general, that this guy's rolling with a ton of injuries all over his body each day, more injured then the average 42-year old, 65 fight MMA veteran.

Still one of my favorite photos ever with the dude.

NikkiNeversleep » Posted 9/29/13 12:27:00AM

Snowman is legit.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

Gotta give him props

He did fight in a UFC championship centuries ago

Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

MD loss to Ishii 2 weeks ago, fights Hayes tonight... He just may make it through all three!

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

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