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Brutal, fatal cleaver assault in London called a terrorist attack   [View Full Version]
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FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

Can a mod delete this? Just realized tattflash posted this way before I did.

40ouncetofreedom » Posted 3/29/09 4:31:00PM

not sure if this is positive or negative

but to iterate my point an armed citizen would have for surely deterred the shooter at aurora and newtown.

It took and entire city of armed police and FBI agents to takedown 1 Boston marathon suspect.

The logic of stopping 1 bad guy with a gun with 1 good guy with a gun is flawed.

Shawn91111 » Posted 9/21/07 2:56:00AM

Damn...I misread the title. Thought it said a "Clever" assault and was very intrigued why it was so clever.

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