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Sanchez wants Thomson, Diaz, or Melendez at 164   [View Full Version]
FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

With his first win in his return to Lightweight under his belt, The Dream is calling out three top-10 fighters for his next fight. He's hoping to return to the Octagon in August at UFC 164.


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

I like the match up with Diego...Melendez = hell no!

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

I think all three of them would beat Sanchez...especially at the same time!


sparky » Posted 7/5/07 6:21:00PM

I'd like to see Diego fight someone like Lauzon or Cerrone first.

Goatenstein » Posted 4/27/12 11:03:00AM

Gil and Thomson kill him. He might be able to LnP Diaz.

SpiderSilva » Posted 7/10/07 6:44:00PM

Posted by sparky

I'd like to see Diego fight someone like Lauzon or Cerrone first.

I think Sanchez could beat cowboy

11-7 av bets

He's been known to cure narcalepsy by just walking into a room. His orgin donation card list his beard. He is a lover not a fighter but he's also a fighter so don't get any idea's he is SpiderSilva I'm the baddest man alive

SamPan » Posted 2/17/09 12:13:00AM

Sanchez can't get knocked out. After taking that head kick from Penn, I'm sure of it. I just wanna see him fight a striker who will engage him.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

I think Sanchez vs Thompson may happen

RhythmAndStyle » Posted 1/25/08 3:12:00PM

im not a Sanchez fan, but a fight with Thomson or Diaz would be cool..lets see if lil bro can get the W, big bro Nick couldnt get from Sanchez..and that'll just be another big fight to the Milwaukee event..def going to it..

Sir_Karl » Posted 9/7/07 9:27:00PM

I don't think Sanchez actually deserves to fight any of them. I thought Gomi beat him and Gomi is pretty far down the rankings anyhow. Diego knew he got lucky in that one. I find it comical that he is calling out 3 of the top guys in the division though. Ii don't think Diego can beat any of them and I think he is too far down the rankings to be fighting one of those guys. Throw a couple inbetweeners at him first.

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