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Sanchez v. Sakurai at UFC 74   [View Full Version]
NME » Posted 2/5/07 11:28:00PM

“Diego Sanchez is ready to return to the UFC stage after suffering his first defeat back in April. Sanchez will has a welterweight showdown on the UFC 74 card in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 25th. He will fight Hayato Sakuri of Japan. Sanchez says if he is victorious he could get a rematch with the only man ever to defeat him … Josh Koscheck.”


Naturaldisaster » Posted 4/8/07 4:17:00PM

I can't wait for this fight!

szucconi » Posted 4/19/07 12:08:00PM

you mean the hole in his leg that was "the size of a coffee cup" is gone. Hopfully his ptpm (Punches Thrown Per Minute *A stat that I just made up) will go up for a 0.70

loller90278 » Posted 1/16/07 3:05:00PM

wow i guess that rumor on sherdog was right haha..

hopefully sakurai improves his TD... hes had trouble with wrestlers

pv3Hpv3p » Posted 1/24/07 6:08:00PM

I don't think that it's fair saying that Sakurai isn't good against wrestlers because he lost to Hughes(while Matt was at the height of his dominance) & Sheilds...

Either way, Mach has been a different fighter since hooking up with Hume & AMC Pankration in 05... He's rejuvinated his fighting career and seemingly refocused himself...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say... A clean 1st rd KO for Sakurai

Really tough fight for Diego to take after coming off his first loss

NME » Posted 2/5/07 11:28:00PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p
Really tough fight for Diego to take after coming off his first loss

I would say the coffee cup staph is the bigger concern than the fact that he lost a fight in which he took a total of 16 punches in 15 minutes.

At this moment I would chose Mach, but I really really like both fighters and if Diego proves he is 100% going in, I would be inclined to change my mind. However, the chances we know whether or not he is 100% are slim, because as I recall, no one knew he had staph going into the fight with Koscheck.

mkiv9secsupra » Posted 1/30/07 1:49:00AM

sadly this will be MMA's first death.....Sanchez will be not really.

aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM


Northrend » Posted 2/25/07 10:37:00PM


Sakurai by TKO leg kicks woot

aznteabagger » Posted 4/7/07 6:25:00PM Update: Diego Sanchez vs. Hayato Sakurai at UFC 75


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