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DrivenDavies15 » Posted 8/10/11 1:23:00AM

Great fights from Vegas tonight, honestly all of 'em were exciting and fun to watch
Gastelum really came out and wasn't scared of Urijah like his other opponents were and he truly showed he is UFC material. Can't wait to see how these guys do in the UFC.
Tate/Zingano was epic and even though my favorite female fighter lost I was certainly pleased with the fight!
Urijah, Travis Browne, Cole Miller, Bubba, and the a lot of other guys looked super impressive and wouldn't be surprised if some of the TUF alums who lost are even kept around.

Urijah Faber - He had me worried in the third round but showed why he is truly one the best in world after capitalizing on Scotty's mistake in the fourth! I think he should fight Brad Pickett or Michael McDonald next.

Scott Jorgensen - Put up a great effort but ultimately came up short. He'll be back for sure though. I think he gets Ivan Menjivar or Bowles/Roop loser next

Kelvin Gastelum - The dark horse of #teamdarkside comes through, big-time! He looked super impressive and surprised the hell out of me and i'm sure the majority of fans as well. It's tough to say where he'll go from here but I think instead of throwing him to the wolves fights against CB Dolloway or Brad Tavares would be good tests.

Uriah Hall - He didn't look bad tonight just a little unlike his normal self. Maybe octagon jitters or something had to do with his lack or aggression but trying to act like Anderson Silva was certainly the wrong thing to do. I think starting him off slow against someone like Michael Kuiper or the Carmont/Larkin loser would be the right path for him

Cat Zingano - Damnnn, that girl is legit. She started off slow possibly due to octagon jitters but when she turned it on, she really turned it on! Great TKO from the feisty felion but I think her fight against Rousey should be very interesting!

Meisha Tate - She did look great in her debut, I'd say she won the first two rounds but couldn't handle it in the third when Zingano came out aggressive. Wasn't really impressed with her head shove at the end of round one but I'm sure she'll learn from this experience for her next fight. Either the Davis/Sexton loser or McMann/Gaff loser would make sense or some other women will likely get signed for her to fight next.

Travis Browne - I changed my pick from Browne UD to TKO R1 because I remembered how pissed he was after his draw to Kongo then came back from that with the superman punch KO of Struve and I figured after the Silva loss he would do something similar here and I was right He's got big power and when he fights on two legs he is one of the most dangerous guys in the division. I like the idea of the Nelson/Kongo winner fighting him next

Gabriel Gonzaga - Unfortunate loss which sucks after his minor career resurgence. I'd like to see him fight the Barry/Jordan loser next

Bubba McDaniel - Nice win for him over a guy who probably shouldn't be in the UFC though, none the less good for him, happy to see him win. Fighting Thiago Perpetuo would be interesting.

Gilbert Smith - Underwhelming performance and again gassed out. He'll most likely be cut

Josh Samman - Props for escaping that tight triangle and armbar right in the beginning! He's one of the best guys coming out of the show and I think he'll do just fine in the UFC. I think he would do well against Cezar Mutante.

Kevin Casey - He did what he had to do to win, came out aggressive and tried to finish him early. Unfortunately as close as he came he ended up with the Loss on his record tonight. Solid effort but he'll most likely be cut

Luke Barnatt - Fun scrap from him and Hart. He showed some improved TDD and good cardio. I think he could compete with someone like Nick Ring, which would be a good fight.

Colin Hart - He showed great persistence and Heart (I see what I did there) but ended up with the short end of the stick. After Dana's huge praise for the fighters after the season I could see them sticking him against Bristol Marunde who also had a solid effort.

Dylan Andrews - Great win from one of my favorite guys this season! Didn't lose focus and finished him with big power shots! I think they'll put him against the Starks/Romero winner

Jimmy Quinlan - Just like in the Samman fight he looked good and dominate early but ended up getting stopped in the first, sorry Crash but I think you'll get sniped

Clint Hester - That was a sick elbow!! After some struggle early he drop that bomb and makes Marunde forget who he is! I think they should still do the fight with Zak Cummings next

Bristol Marunde - Solid effort, stayed in there until that elbow but I think they should give him another go against someone like Colin Hart

Cole Miller - That's actually a really big win for one of the most inconsistent fighters in the UFC. He looked focused tonight and took out a solid veteran. I would like to see him against Manny Gamburyan or Daniel Pineda next

Bart Palazewski - Unfortunately, it seems Bart's fight years are catching up with him as he has looked more and more out of place lately. He'll most likely get cut after that one but I enjoyed his fights while they lasted

Maximo Blanco - Huge win for Maxi after an unimpressive debut fight. He looked much better here against Sam and it was pretty entertaining as well! I think a small step up to someone like Andy Ogle or Siler/Holobaugh winner would make sense.

Sam Sicilia - Solid effort, had his moments during the fight but came up short and as I assume he will most likely be cut.

Daniel Pineda - Quick work for a slick sub which is usually how Pineda likes to do things. I think the Cole Miller fight would be fun

Justin Lawrence - It sucks because Initially this kidd had a lot of potential. But looking lackluster in his last 2 fights could possibly cost him his job. If not he could fight someone like Marcus Brimage or Antonio Carvalho

Well that's my thoughts after a fun event at the TUF 17 finale! Let's hear everyone else's thoughts!

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

Urijah Faber - Brad Pickett
Scott Jorgensen - Mike Easton
Kelvin Gastelum - I could see him moving to Welterweight eventually. I'll say Tom Watson for now.
Uriah Hall - Josh Samman
Cat Zingano - Ronda Rousey
Meisha Tate - Sara McMann/Sheila Gaff loser
Travis Browne - Matt Mitrione
Gabriel Gonzaga - Stefan Struve
Bubba McDaniel - Luke Barnatt
Gilbert Smith - Cut
Josh Samman - Dylan Andrews
Kevin Casey - Cut
Luke Barnatt - Bubba McDaniel
Collin Hart - I'd like to see him get one more chance. Bristol Marunde.
Dylan Andrews - Josh Samman
Jimmy Quinlan - Cut
Clint Hester - Tor Troeng
Bristol Marunde - Collin Hart
Cole Miller - Daniel Pineda
Bart Palazewski - Cut
Maximo Blanco - Leonard Garcia/Cody McKenzie Winner
Sam Sicilia - Nam Phan
Daniel Pineda - Cole Miller
Justin Lawrence - Cut


airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

I really like faber vs picket and jorgenson vs easton.

Hall needs to be paiired up with a striker


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Well, they can do Samman vs Hall rather easily now. Tate losing really shows the lack of depth in the division...good question! Other than that all I could think is that Bubba vs Cote would be good, but damn it Cote moved in to WW.

Rabi » Posted 1/25/07 6:35:00PM

I think Kelvin's next fight will be at WW.

As for Uriah Hall, to keep him relevant and to give him a big striker coming off a loss, I'd like to see:

Hall v Leben

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hashyandy4 » Posted 3/31/11 10:49:00PM

Posted by Rabi

I think Kelvin's next fight will be at WW.

As for Uriah Hall, to keep him relevant and to give him a big striker coming off a loss, I'd like to see:

Hall v Leben

Hall vs Leben would be sick!!

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tattflash » Posted 3/1/07 9:10:00AM

I think Leben on the ground could be too much for him, Cung Le on the other had would be a fun fight, but seriously I think they both need to be nurtured. i think Hall got caught up in the Chael hype train and was expecting to win easily what with his rope a dope tactic,s ala Anderson Silva style.

Maybe CB Dolloway for Kelvin and id give Hall a rematch with Bubba just for the hell of it or maybe Jared Hamman could be a confident boost.

I would like to see Browne square off against Overeem, both have lost to Silva, it would make an interesting fight


JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM

Posted by Rabi

I think Kelvin's next fight will be at WW.

As for Uriah Hall, to keep him relevant and to give him a big striker coming off a loss, I'd like to see:

Hall v Leben

I agree with everything. Even though Kelvin won the show he's got a little extra weight on him he could cut. I like the Hall vs Leban matchup as well.

Fighters I think will get cut.
Bart Palaszewski
Sam Sicilia
Justin Lawrence
Gilbert Smith
Kevin Casey
Jimmy Quinlan

I agree with DD15 on Hart and Marunde having 1 more fight. Even in loss they did do a pretty good job. Hart vs Barnett was looking like the early FOTN, far more entertaining than I thought it would be. And I think it was R2 of Hester vs Marunde, that was a very good round.


jjeans » Posted 9/2/09 6:06:00AM

Kelvin Gastelum - Lombard. Lombards been a massive flop, nobodies found a weakness for Kelvin yet, he always walks in as an underdog. Once Kelvins given Lombard his walking papers then you can build him up slowly as a TUF winner and an excellent prospect, and he's done your company a favour.

Urijah Faber - Michael McDonald
Scott Jorgensen - Brad Pickett
Uriah Hall - Josh Samman
Cat Zingano - Ronda Rousey
Meisha Tate - Sara McMann/Sheila Gaff winner
Travis Browne - Nelson/Kongo Winner
Gabriel Gonzaga - Pat Barry
Josh Samman - Uriah Hall
Dylan Andrews - Michael Kuiper
Cole Miller - Mike Brown

Cut with a loss:
Bubba McDaniel - Rousamir Palharres
Sam Sicilia - Garcia/McKenzie Winner
Daniel Pineda - Jason Young
Clint Hester - Jarred Hamman
Luke Barnatt - Rafael Natal
Maximo Blanco - Pablo Garza

Justin Lawrence - Cut
Bristol Marunde - Cut
Collin Hart - Cut
Jimmy Quinlan - Cut
Bart Palazewski - Cut
Kevin Casey - Cut
Gilbert Smith - Cut

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