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Ken Shamrock and Ian Freeman on collision course?   [View Full Version]
prophecy033 » Posted 7/4/07 4:41:00AM

Ken Shamrock and Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman could be on collision course.Sources tell Fighters Only that negotiations are underway for a potential in-cage meeting between the two veterans, both of whom enjoy pioneer status in their native lands.



SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

I'd pay just to watch Ken get embarrassed!

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NE-1 » Posted 4/26/07 10:47:00AM

The only way these two collide is on the way to the Golden Corral for the Senior Diner's Discount. Gimme a break

Svartorm » Posted 1/24/07 8:41:00PM

I would pay good money to see this fight. Freeman was awesome back in the day and this is actually somewhat competitive. Don't mind old school fighters getting into the cage, so long as they're not going to be hurt on embarrassed.

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Goatenstein » Posted 4/27/12 11:03:00AM

I'm pretty sure this was scheduled for UFC 43 and Vernon White fought Freeman on short notice. Vernon deserved the win but got a draw.

tallica62 » Posted 6/22/07 2:18:00AM

The last time it was funny...but now it's just not even funny anymore

machodog76 » Posted 6/26/07 10:37:00PM

So long as it keeps Ken from commentating I'm all for it!

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