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Dana White: Nick Diaz 'close' to losing UFC 158 fight with Georges St-Pierre   [View Full Version]
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tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

if nick screws this fight up and it doesnt happen, they need to cut him and forget he ever existed. id like this fight to happen too. its not very often these days that i want to see GSP destroy anybody.


Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

This is Dana. Guarantee. If he pulls him he truly is a moron

Why are your crews driving around stockton doing nothing. is nick diaz a sasquatch?go fuckin find the guy and shoot

UFC_Fanatic » Posted 10/2/08 10:22:00AM

Posted by allaf

Posted by UFC_Fanatic

Posted by allaf

Posted by jae_1833

In three weeks GSP will stop Diaz within four rounds, putting him on a two fight skid and Dana will realize how much of a pain he is and how expensive he is and cut him. Diaz to Bellator!

Actually, Diaz in Bellator would be pretty sweet.
He could finsh Ben Askren.

I don't know. Historically, diaz struggles against great wrestlers. That's probably the primary thing most of us here see gsp exploiting and probably why most of us have GSP picked to win. I think if Diaz were to beat Askren it's either because he clips him right out of the gate, or somehow manages to catch Askren in a sub, which I don't see happening. Askren has showed pretty good defensive jj the few times he has been put in trouble. Honestly, if the fight were to happen, call me crazy, but I'd have Askren by UD via wrestling control. I'm a big fan of both guys, I just think Askren would be a bad match. I could see diaz winning, but I don't find it to be that likely.

Yeah but Diaz could really pull it off considering he's really good off his back and is really lengthy. Diaz likes to box so much ppl tend to forget how good a grappler he is, and he is primarily a grappler.
He caught cyborg in a armbar off his back in 10 seconds, he took condit back in a matter of seconds, and condit is great on the ground.
Not to mention the crazy gogplata on Gomi...

yeah, he does have great jitz, I can't believe I actually forgot to mention that in my post. He has shown in time and time again. I mean, in the first round of his fight with bj he prevented a master of taking peoples back in BJ Penn, from sinking in the hooks. He has great jitz, don't get me wrong, I just think that Askren's defensive jitz will be good enough to ride it out on top en route to a decision. I think there would be some close calls for him where diaz would get really close to finishing it, but ultimately I'd see Askren getting the nod. Askren would likely do a ton of rolling with Pettis to get him really used to people with crafty guards like Diaz's. I would absolutely love this fight if some crazy how the ufc let the diaz cash cow go.

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

This is Dana. Guarantee. If he pulls him he truly is a moron

Why are your crews driving around stockton doing nothing. is nick diaz a sasquatch?go fuckin find the guy and shoot

Idiot. Don't you realize that if you go around looking for squatch, you'll never find him! You can only find him on the blurry periphery of pictures or just out of focus on camera.


Michael_Corleone » Posted 4/7/11 11:08:00PM

One possible scenario:

1) Diaz gets dropped and Hendricks gets the title shot after all.

2) Condit vs Ellenberger rematch

3) Fitch gets the call to fight Marquardt.

allaf » Posted 9/23/09 11:06:00AM

Dana iw

Nick has finished all the shooting said Dana.
He just has to show upat the fight now.

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