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Edgar moving down to 135?   [View Full Version]
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postman » Posted 6/23/07 7:57:00PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I doubt he goes down to 135
If he losses that is three straight with his last 5,
Fights being 1-3-1 I'm sorry but that's not pound for pound ranking numbers
I honestly think he should have had a fight at 145 before challenging aldo for the belt.

If Evans wins he should do the same. I mean
First sonnen then diaz and Edgar and maybe Evans

Title fights need to be earned not given

Why ppl think this way amaxes me. I can see the logic if it is a move up in weight but if your moving down and you have a resume like Evans and Edgar what makes Eric Koch or Chris Weidman more deserving them those two? They beat the best of the best at a weight higher then the one they are moving to? Add in the fact these fights are going to make more money for everyone involved. Your logic is flawed in my book. 1-3-1 come on you know as well as anyone else thats not a fair look at his last 5 fights

danclarke1992 » Posted 10/30/07 2:03:00PM

On the countdown show renzo said that frankie could drop to 135 but he didn't say if he actually would or not

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