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Video Game from 1982 Predicts the UFC? (uncanny)   [View Full Version]
MuayThaiGeek13 » Posted 12/28/11 3:18:00PM

the game was called "You Fight CHARLIE" (YFC)


bojangalz » Posted 5/25/07 9:00:00PM

It's a work. That's not a real game. Just some elaborate photoshoping. Congrats to the creator for duping a few people though!

Coincidence #8: The game’s creator. In an obvious credit screenshot, the game appears to be developed by someone named Syoto Tasam. Spelled backwards, this reads: Masato Toys.

Google " Masato Toys" and you'll see that their the same people behind such wonderful meme's as this:


Just happened to notice this at the bottom of the page as well:

And we also have some lucrative shares in Strikeforce to sell you.

And as El Guapo always says- "God speed, and party on. Whoap!"

prophecy033 » Posted 7/4/07 4:41:00AM

Would be cool if it was Legit. Not sure tho


Theoutlaw08 » Posted 3/23/11 3:38:00PM

If it was real, it would be one of the craziest things ever. However, Its fake. Too many things are similar, there is just no way.

grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

I knew something was up when they referred to the imagic "console". Clearly anyone who played video games during the early 80's knows that was an Atari cartridge...made by imagic. And if I hadn't noticed that, Masato Toys would've given it away. A good goof nonetheless.


jjeans » Posted 9/2/09 6:06:00AM

The bottom of the page:

** If ANYONE has an actual copy of this game, please contact us at

- Oh, and while you’re at it, we’d also love to see Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or Bob Sapp’s 20-Fight UFC contract.

And we also have some lucrative shares in Strikeforce to sell you.

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shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

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