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UFC COO Lawrence Epstein announces a written code of conduct for UFC athletes   [View Full Version]
Manak » Posted 6/29/07 12:28:00PM

This was announced at the pre-fight presser and through UFC's twitter account. Cant find the direct part to the code of conduct outside the whole presser.

to me this is long over due. basic business 101 gotta protect the brand and make sure guys are holding a high standard with the public eye watching

grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

Moved this to the UFC forum, as it's not in the proper News format.


tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

i think the conduct of MMA fighters needs to be taken very seriously and i'm glad to see this happening in the ufc. our sport doesnt need any negative press coming from fighters outside the cage, especially since MMA has been scrutinized so much in the past because of its violence and background. we all know on this site that MMA is a sport and is taken as serious as the NFL or NBA by its athletes, unfortunately i still hear people saying terrible things about it having no rules. even Conan was completely ignorant when ronda rousey was on his show. the time for fighters to act professional is more important than ever.


prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

Curious what it says
I doubt Ufc would enforce this if one of the champs or ppv draws is out of line

Goatenstein » Posted 4/27/12 11:03:00AM

This will be enforced to varying degrees based on who Dana likes and dislikes.

Patchedup15 » Posted 9/26/10 1:22:00PM

It's about time.. UFC has a few select things they have to do to bring in a wider audience.. even if it's just giving the general public the appearance of professionalism

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