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Kicks to the Knee??? (oblique kicks)
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Rampage Thinks Spinning Elbows And Oblique Kicks Should Be Made Illegal   [View Full Version]
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tmas » Posted 6/15/07 2:09:00AM

let me tell you a story.

as someone who has spent most of his life training for fighting sports (martial arts, boxing, bjj, mma, etc.)
as someone who is notorious for....injuries!

here is the story.

ban the kicks, keep the elbows. i have had my MMA career put on hold because of serious knee/leg issues. those kicks are awful, i remember seeing them for the first time and thinking omg i cant believe mma allows that shit its one of the only things i disagree with in the rules, and one of the only things jon jones does that i do not like. Its meant to do several things including injure and disrupt ones movement (the latter being fine)

the move is to dangerous its nearly as bad as a soccer kick which i also hate. :P

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

Bring back the soccer kicks if you're going to allow kicks to the knee, don't think the stomps should be allowed but I believe soccer kicks are safer than kicks to the knee.

FlashyG » Posted 2/13/08 10:33:00AM

If we are outlawing Oblique kicks we'd have to ban the kicks Lima used in Bellator tonight.

He mangled that guy's knee.

Patchedup15 » Posted 9/26/10 1:22:00PM

This idiot is against anything that prevents him from just throwing punches.. know what Rampage.. evolve and stop complaining

Shin-2-Chin » Posted 8/22/12 2:57:00PM

It's a fight... It should be allowed. One thing that should be banned is fighters being stood up by refs.. You know how advanced the ground game would get if the only option to get in your feet is by getting yourself up.

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