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prophecy033 » Posted 7/4/07 4:41:00AM

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Posted by LightsOUT23

I think its a lot more Simpler than that.

Americans love Weidman, because he's American and the MW Champion is Brazillian. Ignoring the fact that he has one decent win in the UFC.

Americans generally hate Bisping because He is British, that's it.

I do not love or hate Bisping. I agree with Joe Rogan, he is a talented fighter who gets labeled for fighting nobodies - all who when his opponents were announced were slated as "another fighter who will KO Bisping" - yet Miller, Akiyama, Stann, Leben and Rivera all lost to Bisping. Even Chael Sonnen thought he lost to Bisping in a close fight. Belfort could of been juiced up for their fight and fighting in Brazil where drug testing is still on a basic regulation, it is very possible yet Bisping haters seem to think its wrong to speculate. Given Belforts physical apperance and his History with steroids, I'm curious as fan, not neccesarily sticking up for Bisping because he lost. As i said before, Chances are Bisping would have lost anyway, but i still think it is not a joking matter.

I'll have to disagree that Americans generally hate Bisping because he's British.
I can't speak for anyone but myself but why would I love Japanese and Brazilian fighters yet have an intense passion against British fighters? Ross Pearson does not recieve the hate Bisping does and I have yet to find anyone who dislikes James Thompson. What about Dan Hardy? Why wouldn't all these guys get hate?

Yes Bisping has won fights against quality opponents but he still has yet to defeat a legend. Someone who will cement his name. And what do you expect? When a guy runs his mouth like Bisping people are going to cheer despite circumstances that may or may not be true when he loses.

I don't hate Bisping because hes British. I don't like him because of his personality....and maybe a little because he's British


Patchedup15 » Posted 9/26/10 1:22:00PM

This is unrelated.. but i hate when athletes push Religion after a fight... Very reminiscent of Matt Hughes on TUF. He forced his fighters to read the bible and tried to convert them.

whodat » Posted 4/16/07 12:41:00PM

Posted by LightsOUT23

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Posted by shaneTpain

I could watch Bisping get KTFO all day long. Its long porno for MMA fans

For the record, Bisping broke Denis Kang, Made Rivera Quit, Dominated Stann and put on a clinic on Akiyama.

Not to mention he went the distance with Wandy, only suffering one KO loss to Dan henderson who went on to KO Renato Sobral, Rafael Cavalcante and Fedor.

A loss to Dan Henderson doesn't seem to be too discrediting regarding what and who Dan Henderson really is ...

We all know the record.
If anything you should be happy about the gifs since they show how good Bisping's chin is.
He's been hit hard in all his fights, and comes back.
The only 2 to put him away are 2 of the P4P hardest hitters in MMA.
You can hate his personality, but the man has a chin on him.

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

I'm a Bisping fan because almost everyone hates him. Same reason why I like Koscheck. I find their antics funny and I laugh when people get butthurt over it.

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