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infestructure » Posted 1/18/12 9:29:00PM

Posted by postman

Posted by FlashyG

After re-watching Oliviera vs Escudero I'd have to agree that from what you described it has to be Oliviera.

Posted by postman

Posted by tcunningham

my first thought was Maiquel Jose Falcao. i dont remember him getting kicked in the junk but he did look really good in his fight against Gerald Harris. it was UFC 123. the fight was a little boring at first but then Falcao let his hands go and hurt Harris a few times. after that there was some kind of contract issue and he never fought in the octagon again.

Didnt he have a stroke or some major medical event

No contract issue or medical issue, (although he did cancel one fight due to injury). He was cut because he was arrested and put under house arrest for assaulting a woman in 2002. He served 8 months and was released on probation and the UFC cut ties with him.

He's since been fighting in Bellator and won their MW tournament in May.

He def had a heart attack. I don't remember the abuse thing though

Both are correct. He's had heart problems, and he threw a chair at a woman in a bar fight

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Sounds like Charles Oliveira.

Beat me to it. He was getting all inside his cup on tv. Gotta do what ya gotta do I guess


LightsOUT23 » Posted 12/26/11 6:25:00PM

Posted by tcunningham

same ! he looked real good in that fight too, i heard he had some kind of heart condition recently or even heart attack ??

Sounds like Maiquel Falc√£o.

He fought Gerald Harris in his UFC debut taking a kick to the crown jewels. Both fighters were cut after this fight ...


LightsOUT23 » Posted 12/26/11 6:25:00PM

Sorry all, i didnt realise the fighter was now known as Falcao.
The link i posted above has the dispute with the UFC and the happenings around it all

I just noticed Fabio Maldonado has beaten him twice via tko.

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