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Question about Melendez's rank in the LW devision.   [View Full Version]
SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

Right now on this site which I really do consider the best MMA site on the net, Melendez is ranked 3rd in the world.
I honestly can't believe he is ranked in the top 3, I get how he could be ranked in the top 10 considering how he held a title in the second biggest organisation in the world but I honestly struggle to see how or why the man is constantly ranked top 3 when his biggest wins are against Thompson (ranked outside the top 10) and Aoki (ranked outside the top 10).

This is a man coming in and pushing guys like Maynard, Pettis and Miller out the way with a split decision win over a guy not ranked near the top because he held a belt in a second tear organisation.

What do you guys think of this?

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whodat » Posted 4/16/07 12:41:00PM

I completely agree.
No matter how skilled a fighter is perceived to be, I think in order for fighters to jump others in rankings they actually need to defeat them. No wins against the current top 10, yet placed number 3 has me scratching my head as well. There is just no way for me to compare him with others in the top 10 except by perception.

He'll have his chance to jump up in my rankings soon though.

MuayThaiGeek13 » Posted 12/28/11 3:18:00PM

155 is such a hard division to rank correctly. For me, its because there are several orgs with top LWs. Having said that, i have been guilty of ranking the UFC guys higher just because it is the UFC, but never neglecting other org champs of their top 5 or 10 spot.

With what Pettis, Bendo, and Cerrone have done in the octagon so far, we should give Gilbert the benefit of the doubt on the legitimacy of his top 5 spot. I actually get kinda heated when looking at the LW rankings out there. None of them seem calculated/ unbiased.

I will say this, there is not enough room in the World 155 top 10 for both Eddie Alvarez and Micheal Chandler. Not for now anyway.

jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

I am the same in giving UFC guys more credit...I think he is in my top ten but just not that high...I don't take ratings too seriously in this sport though...they are too opinionated and subjective to be accurate imo.

SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

Posted by jae_1833

I am the same in giving UFC guys more credit...I think he is in my top ten but just not that high...I don't take ratings too seriously in this sport though...they are too opinionated and subjective to be accurate imo.

I'm with you on the rankings but what about the automatic title shot? He's leap frogging guys who have fought undeniably better competition based on the fact that he holds a title that means nothing anymore.

"RIP Evan Tanner, a real life trail blazer."

I was born to lead, not to read!!!!

tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

i dont put any non-ufc fighters anywhere near the top 3 anymore. i think eddie alvarez is my closest guy. as for melendez, i think he's going to get owned by bendo and show that he was never really as good as everybody thought he was. just a hunch


RhythmAndStyle » Posted 1/25/08 3:12:00PM

this is what i have been saying for a while..i dont think Diaz, Melendez or Alvarez (who has a instant title shot with in his contract, if it all goes thru in court) have earned their title shot..there have been guys in the UFC grinding it in and out and finishing their fights..i just think everyone needs to have at least one fight before a title shot..prove that u earned it..also i think Melendez and Alvarez ranking in the LW is a toss up, but Melendez does belong in the top 10..

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

I don't know how often people here change their rankings (I haven't touched mine since I joined the site) so these numbers could be a bit off.

I rank Melendez at #5. There is no one else at LW who should get a title shot anyways so I don't see the harm in that. I'd rather have Bendo defend his title in a couple months as opposed to waiting until August (after Pettis/Cerrone fight, medical suspensions, etc). Maynard already fought twice for the title and had an unimpressive win over Guida. Miller is on a 1 fight win streak. Who else is there?

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Pookie » Posted 4/8/07 11:48:00PM

Pettis lost to Guida. This dropped his rank from the top 5. Beating Cerrone should bump him back up coupled with Lauzon and his win over Benhen

Miller lost to Diaz emphatically. Hes beat Lauzon and Tibau. I might be missing someone but his opposition is far removed from stellar. I cant think of a single top 15 guy.

Alvarez / Chandler are legit talents but their opposition isnt really worth noting.

For all the talk of Milendez's lack of opposition, beating Kawajiri, Guida, Thomson, and Aoki still reads better than most.

Maynard/ Diaz/ Benhen/ Edgar, Thats who i can think of offhand with better opposition than Milendez. Edgar isnt atLw anymore. Melendez is a top 5 off opponents fought IMO.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

jaguar_paw » Posted 12/29/07 12:04:00PM

I have him in the top 3.
He has some very notable wins against Guida, Aoki, Thompson, and Kawajiri. All have been in the top 10 at some point and 3/4 were in the top 10 before losing to Melendez.
When he beat Aoki, many had Aoki in the top 3.
All the guys below Henderson have recent losses.

Diaz just coming off a dominating loss, and his win resume is no better than Gilbert's.
Edgar has only 1 win in his last 4 fights and is dropping classes anyway.
Maynard has 1 win since mid 2010.
Cerrone is a close one, but lost in dominating fashion to Diaz a year ago.
Pettis is in a similar boat to Cerrone in losing to Guida by LnP he couldn't do anything about.

I currently have Gilbert-2 and Cerrone-3, but the winner of the Cerrone/Pettis fight will likely get moved to the number 2 spot.

Rankings can't be a "who would beat who" type of thing. We all know that nobody knows anything for sure until they meat in the cage. And if you try to work out some perfect MMAth type sceneario, you will quickly find your way into an infinite loop of circular logic. Losses do have to mean something and drop guys down and give way to new guys who have not fought for the title yet. Otherwise, by that counterlogic all fighters should never drop more than one spot below the winner after losing.

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