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MoparJR253 » Posted 1/8/13 11:58:00AM

Yea im with you. Once they took away Shields (bleh), Diaz, Werdum, Reem and Hendo i knew that it was going to he a slow bleed. It will be interesting to see who all they bring over. Hopefully Marquardt and Barnett get second chances. Gegard should be in for some fun fights but i think Jordan Mein is the brightest prospect in MMA right now. His boxing/footwork is phenomenal. For how young he is and how many fights he has already i think him and Rory are going to be the future of the division. 2013 should be an exciting year!

jjeans » Posted 9/2/09 6:06:00AM

Glad you found us! Hope you stick around, you seem pretty cool

You'll find we might not have the numbers of posters sites like BE or Sherdog have but what we lack in quantity do the 50 or so posters sure as hell make up for in quality!

It's awesome here, hope you like it! To me what makes this site awesome is the well enforced no fighter bashing rule, don't like a fighter no problem, call him expletives and you won't be thought of as an intelligent poster. That's what I hate when reading comments from other sites... Some sites it just feels like the person with the most rep is the guy who called Bisping the most names...

Anyway... I ranted! Hope you stick around and yeah L2 events can often be put together a few days before the fight cards so keep your eye out on them

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Dirty Blue

MoparJR253 » Posted 1/8/13 11:58:00AM

Thanks man. Glad you caught up on my coolness so easily. I think i will stick around for a while since my betting site got shut down. Honestly MMA is the only thing i have time to do besides work so if this is as fun and competitive as it seems im sure i will be here for a while. I dont miss events.

web360top » Posted 1/17/13 1:41:00AM

Hello! I'm ellen! :)

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