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NHL, union have tentative agreement   [View Full Version]
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40ouncetofreedom » Posted 3/29/09 4:31:00PM

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Why ? Because it's less games and therefore the players may not be as fatigued as they normally would be ?,That'd be the only reason i can see.Every team will be playing the same amount games against their divisions and conference play.Other than it being less physically demanding i see no reason to judge otherwise.

Players will be more fatigued playing in this condensed schedule and thus more prone to get injured with 4 games a week. More likely for a crappy team to go on a little hot streak and make the playoffs.

58% of a season playing half the league in a heavily unbalanced schedule is not a true season. The Jets for instance will have a much more favourable schedule than your Penguins due to playing in the weakest division. At least the NBA last year played 66 games (80%) of the season and got to play every team at least once.

I can agree on the schedule,But even in a full season there seems to be where a 3 seed will end up with less points than lower seed based upon winning a division,While it may be harder for team in tougher division get in a season like this one..i think it will be interesting.But i still won't count this as a wash and discredit whoever wins the cup this year due to the dispute.It's 48/50 games for each team.................Unless Philly wins...Then i'm all for an * or Washington lol

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