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Costas Philippou Wants the Winner of Brian Stann vs. Wanderlei Silva Next   [View Full Version]
FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

Costas Philippou will take some time off to let various injuries heal but when he comes back he wants the winner of the UFC on Fuel 8 main event.


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

Stann v Pou is gtg ... I have absolutely no desire in seeing Wandy vs either of these guys ... I do not want to see Wandy destroyed again.

sparky » Posted 7/5/07 6:21:00PM

Costa vs either one of these guys makes for a great fight. Here's to hoping Joe Silva seen this request

JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM

More than likely Stann should beat Silva. I think that will push Stann back towards the top 10 in a division where theres about 12-14 guys that can be argued into the top 10. I like the Stann vs Philippou matchup.

Part of me was thinking Philippou deserves a higher ranked oppenent. If he wants to make a run towards the top of the division.

With that win over top 10 opponent Tim Boetsch, I know have Philippou in my own personal top 10 rankings.


kopower » Posted 7/3/07 12:31:00AM

I like Stann vs Philippou much more than Wandy. Costa is making a nice run lately, and Stann would prove a nice challenge.

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Theoutlaw08 » Posted 3/23/11 3:38:00PM

I think I'm agreeing with most of the other posts. Id rather see him vs. Stann. More interesting fight, and a bigger challenge.

frizzzlecake » Posted 5/25/12 8:57:00PM

Wait you guy's think Wand is actually going to show up for his beating?

Wand Drops out due to injury, and Costa steps up for a great fight.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

I can see this as a main event for fuel tv or fx this summer

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

After a win over Boetsch I have Pou bordering on top 5...I think 7-8 or so. In my eyes, he should fight someone higher up than either of these guys. Lombard would be a great matchup or Okami to break into that top tier in MW.


tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

Posted by jae_1833

Stann v Pou is gtg ... I have absolutely no desire in seeing Wandy vs either of these guys ... I do not want to see Wandy destroyed again.

my thought exactly. i think either guy will destroy wandy. costas has nasty hands with real KO power, thats not a good fight for wandy.


jjeans » Posted 9/2/09 6:06:00AM

I'd rather see the winner face Tim Boetsch, to me both Boetsch and Stann are very stylistically similar...

A fight against Stann takes him down in the rankings in my opinion... If I were phillipou, I'd be calling out Okami personally

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