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UFC 155 results: Velasquez batters Dos Santos to recapture heavyweight title   [View Full Version]
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isk » Posted 12/5/07 12:38:00PM


LAS VEGAS – The rematch between Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez was the war the first fight wasn't.

Velasquez emerged victorious, retaking the heavyweight belt with a unanimous decision in the hardest-fought victory of his career.

The heavyweight title bout was the main event of Saturday's UFC 155 event at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. It aired on pay-per-view following prelims on FX and Facebook.

Judges scored the bout 50-45, 50-43 and 50-44 for Velasquez, who avenged a loss to Dos Santos 13 months prior at UFC on FOX.

"It was the hardest fight I've ever been through," Velasquez said afterward. "I was so tired, but I kept thinking, 'Do it, do it, do it.'

"This is my wife's Christmas present. Baby, I got your Christmas present right here."

The smattering of boos that accompanied Dos Santos, whose face was badly swollen, at the weigh-in for the event were surprisingly present during his time at the post-fight mic.

"His game is very effective, and tonight, he was better than me," he said. "Cain Velasquez, like you said, I'm going to come back, and I'm going to take my belt again."

spang714 » Posted 5/28/12 7:42:00PM


first av bet win....1-0.....sorry shaneTpain

isk » Posted 12/5/07 12:38:00PM

Really good event overall. The first few fights on PPV were disappointing, and some of the scorecards were outright baffling, but the co-main and main events more than made up for 'em. And there was some really nice stuff in the prelims as well. Onward!

Cain Velasquez defeats Junior Dos Santos, 5R decision - This really was everything the first fight wasn't, and I can only imagine what a kickstart this would've been for Fox and the UFC had it happened back then. Regardless, Cain totally made good on his explanation pre-fight, that he was injured and passive in the loss and that he'd be different in the rematch. I was reminded of the Cain / Rothwell fight with a few differences - Cain's overhand right was great in the first 2 rounds, and JDS has one of the best chins and biggest hearts at heavyweight. Sure, Cain relies more on volume and combos to take dudes out, and there were few clean standing combos from him in this fight. But JDS took an enormous amount of damage and he even got a bit of a second wind starting in the 4th round. Conversely, that's the first sign of Cain's cardio faltering a bit, and coincidentally the first time we've seen him in the championship rounds. Something to work on, but definitely a performance he can take pride in.

Jim Miller defeats Joe Lauzon, 3R decision - What a war. I need to rewatch the best of 2012, but this is already up there for fight of the year. Super strong 1st round by Miller, landing a wide variety of strikes including standing elbows to open up a savage brow cut on Lauzon. More of the same in the 2nd, with Lauzon hanging in there and landing some shots of his own. R3 was Lauzon's, for sure, and that flying scissor leglock may have done it had they not been so slick from the blood. Awesome fight, and my FOTN, no question.

Costa Philippou defeats Tim Boetsch, 3R TKO - Perhaps a bit disappointing, with an accidental eye poke and a head butt turning things against Boetsch, Costa nevertheless gets it done and finishes a wounded opponent as he can. He stayed patient and landed when he could, as Boetsch was landing some good shots and often controlled through pressure and clinch work. Kim Winslow continues to be one of the least competent refs out there, with Boetsch standing up for himself about not grabbing the fence.

Yushin Okami defeats Alan Belcher, 3R decision - All props to Chael_Sonnen, JLS1980, and all the guys who predicted that Belcher would get Okami'd. That's exactly what happened. Belcher seemed tentative and indecisive, and Okami made him pay for it with suffocating clinch work and top control. One of the few fights I can remember where a fighter was audibly breathing heavily, Okami's use of shoulder and arm pressure on the ground was brilliant. Belcher's still young, he can make adjustments, and he absolutely has to if he wants to get past the Michael Bispings and Vitor Belforts.

Derek Brunson defeats Chris Leben, 3R decision - Not a fight for the record books, and maybe Leben's most tepid performance ever. Brunson controlled through takedowns and top control in R1, but seemed gassed throughout the rest of the fight. He did just enough to avoid combos and showed off a decent chin by powering through some of Leben's hard shots, but the Crippler looked awful. He was slow, he was inaccurate, and he wasn't active enough off his back. The wars might be catching up with him.

Eddie Wineland defeats Brad Pickett, 3R decision - Definitely lived up to expectations, and an early contender for FOTN. I'm sure each of these guys got paid undisclosed bonuses. Wineland looked fantastic, showing that an upright Dutch kickboxing stance can work - you just gotta have superior footwork along with a good enough chin to endure the few shots that get through. Pickett landed some good shots of his own, but in my book he lost all 3 rounds and the dissenter in the split decision was a terrible call. Wineland's not just a gamer, he's showing the skill and discipline to back up that natural tough guy attitude.

Erik Perez defeats Byron Bloodworth, 1R TKO - The masked luchador keeps marching with a dominant beatdown of a game and skilled Bloodworth. Perez didn't just show good standing hands, he landed well in the clinch and mixed it up beautifully with knees, the most significant of which was a knee to the body that dropped Bloodworth. Just a really solid performance.

Jamie Varner defeats Melvin Guillard, 3R decision - To me it was Varner's timely takedowns and Guillard's lack of aggression that made the difference. Guillard's one of those puzzles, one of those amazing talents who seems to find difficulty with the balance between aggression and overextension, elusiveness and passiveness. I really gotta hand it to Varner here. His heart's been questioned in the past, most notably coming off the Cerrone fights and his remaining fights in the WEC. He seems to have gotten his stuff together, and getting a quality win over the super scary Guillard is worth my respect.

Myles Jury defeats Michael Johnson, 3R decision - Bit of a surprise here, as the surging Johnson runs into the incredible ground control and well-timed takedowns of Jury. Johnson's still learning, right, and it's easy to forget that in light of his performances starting with the El Cucuy fight. Jury showed that BJJ is still a very valid discipline in MMA; you just gotta have the takedowns, and a lot of BJJ guys don't.

Todd Duffee defeats Philip DeFries, 1R TKO - This was the win that Duffee needed. DeFries was tougher than most expected, living through the initial salvo and landing his own shots in return. That said, Duffee stayed composed, listened to his corner, and kept throwing that right until DeFries was stumbled. Good finishing instincts, and hopefully this'll boost Duffee's confidence. Dude's a physical specimen.

Max Holloway defeats Leonard Garcia, 3R decision - No surprise in that Garcia was involved in a controversial decision, but this time it was him on the wrong end of the scorecards. He actually landed more significant strikes and earned Holloway's respect early. Not super heartbroken over this, as frankly I think Garcia just isn't good enough for the UFC and should really be riding a 7 fight losing streak. Good fight for Holloway, first time in the UFC he's been in deep water and the kind of adversity a talent needs to experience early.

John Moraga defeats Chris Caraiso, 3R submission - This came out of nowhere. Started out back and forth on the feet early, with Caraiso a bit wilder and more active than the disciplined and counter-minded Moraga. Just as Caraiso seemed to be taking control on the feet, a brief clinch struggle left a tiny opening that Moraga locked up for one of the most unconventional chokes I've ever seen. Something like a standing Brabo / guillotine that had Caraiso tapping very quickly.

aussiemma » Posted 1/27/12 10:34:00PM

Belcher was disappointing for me, he just kept moving straight back and allowed himself to get clinched up against the fence...and when he realised this was a problem he was to fatigued to do anything about it.

He landed a few strong kicks and punches, then seemed to take his foot off the gas and just let okami dictate.

shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

Posted by spang714


first av bet win....1-0.....sorry shaneTpain

I'm still in shock after seeing that beating Cain delivered
Congrates Spang! Lets do it again for the rubber match

Poor_Franklin » Posted 6/7/11 4:52:00AM

Posted by aussiemma

Belcher was disappointing for me, he just kept moving straight back and allowed himself to get clinched up against the fence...and when he realised this was a problem he was to fatigued to do anything about it.

He landed a few strong kicks and punches, then seemed to take his foot off the gas and just let okami dictate.

me too

Never Trust A Man Who Does Not Make All Of His Picks

JoeWarren33 » Posted 4/27/09 4:41:00PM

Big daddy Cain was on a mission and boy did he succeed. Did he ever mess Jds face up!!!

Miller and Lauzon def. Deserve Fotn!!

prophecy033 » Posted 7/4/07 4:41:00AM

Even though Cain made JDS look like the Elephant Man, I gained a shit ton of respect for JDS. He was getting beat down and still kept himself alive. Props to Cain for keeping the pressure on him and delivering a spectacular beating. I wanted Cain to win but couldnt bring myself to commit to picking him. Damn I wish I would have. So now im 0-2 in fights between these guys


airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

I'm glad cain won because it keeps the division moving. It may have just been me, but it seemed like jds came out way too relaxed in the first round, almost as if he didn't think cain was a threat and he paid for it. Cain also baffled me though, he was landing 3+ strike combos and then ran in for the clinch instead of looking for the kill. He refused to even attempt a sub attack when it presented itself, and during those aformentioned clinches, he seemed to headbutt a bit too often. I feel like he could have ended it in 1 or 2 but just wanted to make jds pay.

Unrelated: glad to see duffee back


prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

The ppv fights sucked till miller vs lauzon came through
Very exciting fight.

Holloway vs Garcia was good as well.

Overall okay event.
Second worst live event this year just ahead of 145

LightsOUT23 » Posted 12/26/11 6:25:00PM

JDS took this fight well too lightly thinking he would get the same result. He has been way too calm, very confident at the press conference and leading up to this fight. I think This was a horrible fight either way. Neither fighter looked like they were world class. I think i am still in shock at how the fight played out. Congrats to Cain, he beat a tough guy, but man, JDS was not there IMO.

Goatenstein » Posted 4/27/12 11:03:00AM

I can't believe anyone thought JDS could beat healthy Cain.

RhythmAndStyle » Posted 1/25/08 3:12:00PM

Posted by Goatenstein

I can't believe anyone thought JDS could beat healthy Cain.

do u realize that Cain couldnt even get JDS down, till he caught JDS with that punch..if Cain never landed that, im sure JDS would have won, cuz even with a rocked JDS, Cain was still 50% on his TD attempts and JDS kept popping back up...

Playground_Samurai » Posted 1/28/07 4:36:00PM

Posted by RhythmAndStyle
do u realize that Cain couldnt even get JDS down, till he caught JDS with that punch..if Cain never landed that, im sure JDS would have won,

Ok? Don't you think that's the same as someone saying "if JDS didn't land that punch in the first fight, Im sure Cain would have won"? Or 50,000 other fights where someone landed a good punch then went on to win a fight?

Cain dominated that fight as he's done many other fights. Why can't you give him credit?

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Wolfenstein » Posted 12/13/07 3:31:00AM

Both guys just looked really sloppy. Not sure why they both seemed to lack the explosiveness you'd expect.

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