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Sonnen's Mum Nearly Shoots Yushin Okami   [View Full Version]
BigBadAl » Posted 6/18/09 8:26:00AM

Chael Sonnen is friendly with Yushin Okami to the extent that the Japanese middleweight frequently visits West Lynn, Oregon to train with Sonnen and his team. When he’s in town he stays at Sonnen’s mother’s house and has the run of the place, letting himself in and out via the security keypad on the front door.

Okami’s English isn’t the best though and so when he changed some plans at the last minute, chaos ensued and Sonnen’s mother nearly ended up shooting him. Literally nearly ended up shooting him. Chael Sonnen tells the story of how his Japanese friend ended up standing in the hallway with an alarm going off at 1am gibbering “Yushin Okami, thank you!” while having a shotgun pointed at him….


shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

Sonnen is a great story teller. & this is one of his best! Don't read the paragraph, just click the video & you'll be laughing !

SmileR » Posted 12/17/07 8:56:00PM

Anyone that doesn't like Chael is on my hate list!

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frizzzlecake » Posted 5/25/12 8:57:00PM

it was just another day, thank god i didn't have to use my A.K. comes to mind.

kopower » Posted 7/3/07 12:31:00AM

Posted by shaneTpain

Sonnen is a great story teller. & this is one of his best! Don't read the paragraph, just click the video & you'll be laughing !

This x1000

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scoozna » Posted 1/25/07 12:53:00PM

I'm crying with laughter...that was great.


Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

that entire video was great. Hilarious story, Jones trying to talk smack, and Anderson Silva actually speaks English

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tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

good story.

the conversation between chael and jones was classic. chael has the verbal battle on lockdown as always.


Poor_Franklin » Posted 6/7/11 4:52:00AM

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warglory » Posted 2/4/07 2:44:00AM

Jones trying to compete with Chael is priceless and the best part of that video. If mma were a verbal competition, Chael would be p4p king.

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