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JackHammerXXX » Posted 6/24/08 7:34:00PM

Hey all, let's rant

Ufc 154 in the books, lots to rave about, always stuff to rant about...
GSP made his return. I agree he prolly did feel rust, Condit is indeed one of the most talented strikers and overall mixed martial artists around, and he proved it to be so. I saw him naive, tentative, trigger shy in the first round or 2 though, I applaud Pierre for not immediately, and predominately go in for takedowns. May have nor been the best idea considering I think Carlos had the better standup last night. But for a guy coming off such a layoff, to engage the top contender, in this case interim 'champion', on the feet, his playground, bravo Mr. Pierre, you left no doubt, you are back.
Aweosme main event, I loved Condit holding his arms in the air with blood pouring out of his head, smiling sinister like, it was just the image that epitomizes the natural born killer, one that wasnt around for the Diaz fight.
GSP coming back from the headkick and dominating last 2:30 of round was indicative of where this man is, and where he's going. I feared he would not necessarily be a 'she'll' of himself, but I did expect to see some struggles so to speak. Great fight, great showing, what a way to enter 2013- GSP revving for a revival, silva itching for superfight(s), rousey, overeem/Diaz, strikeforce exodus it's gonna be good.

Hensricks has done everything but knock out the guy with the belt in that division, and after last night I'm not so sure I'm only referring to GSP/Condit, my god. Kampmann has a solid, solid chin. And his lights got turned out with one blow. That was impressive. To say the absolute least, well brutal might work too. I feel bad that the guy is unfortunately, stuck in the middle of what could be the biggest fight in mma history. He has taken out the divisions elite, and will only risk it all to stay busy in the meantime, cuz likeliest scenario, he will wait until this time next year, minimum if the said superfight takes place. Tough call Johnny. I'd say the only fights to make that make sense is Diaz, or Rory, figuring he beats Penn. I'm looking forward to seeing Diaz fight Koscheck though. Regardless, big rig is a finisher with that left, simple as that.

Hominick and Stout continue to strengthen my reservations on picking them, since Thompkins death, these guys haven't been the same. I picked Makdessi by the way. I knew the tri star camp would have a strong night, and the bull looked very impressive, great style matchup for him.
Do cote Sakara over, good, they are. The Predator looked sluggish, and when he had alessio hurt, he seemed to hesitate. Then when sakara shot off that first elbow, it was like Patrick was on his way out already. I was 90% sure he was gonna KO the guy in the first, and looked that was, at first, but I hope he comes back 'like' a predator, and not prey trying to attack

The best quote of the night and I'm surprised I haven't heard anything about it, "...look how BIG he is!!!" Mike Goldberg referencing St Pierre as he was being announced. Lmfao. Dude said it at least 8x. They showed Silva and mike said "I bet the spider is thinking how big he is!" oh my god I was dying. I drew up scenarios where the guy is stumbling in the locker room drunken groupie style "where's GS...B.....did you see how Biiig he wuzzz?!" lol

Good fights. Great to have clarity in the WW division, wait.... do we? Lol. Anyways long read, until next time people

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

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