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MALICE » Posted 9/17/07 10:04:00PM

I am not a fan of superfights. If there is to be a champion vs. champion fight, I just want to see one of the two champions move to the others' weight division. For instance, GSP/Silva, I just want to see GSP move to MW. IF he wins, he can then be the MW champ and defend his belt there. That way, the WW division can go on. I don't want to see someone holding a belt in two divisions and holding up two divisions. There are enough delays in most divisions as it is.

If a superfight is being mentioned, it is because the champ has no competition left. If this is the case, be a man and try another division.

kingsmasher » Posted 3/10/11 4:01:00PM

Personally Silva and GSP is a circus fight....Silva and Jones is closer to a real fight but I think Machida and Evans would both beat Silva...Proabbly a few more guys with better chins...

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

I don't want to see it right now. GSP has comp at WW to last two years right now, and there are always more challengers coming out of the woodwork at WW. The WW belt has been held up too long as is.

GSP vs. Hendricks should be next. IMO, that's a tough style match for GSP. Hendricks has power and wrestling, and doesn't have the gas tank problems like Ellenberger. If GSP has a weak spot in his game, it has been his ability to take damage.

Flame Not, Lest Ye Be Flamed Yourself.

Gogoplatapus » Posted 7/24/09 6:01:00PM

Plain and simple, you don't pass on the opportunity. The window for this fight to happen is small it has to be capitalized on.

Biggest fight in MMA history.

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