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MMA fighters should have nothing to hide from tests 8 53%
Great option for non dopers to expose their oponents 5 33%
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No real opinion one way or other 2 13%
VADA (voluntary anti-doping administration)   [View Full Version]
ghandikush » Posted 7/12/11 3:30:00PM

Is VADA positive for the non dopers to expose their oponents ala Nelson vs Carwin or not so voluntary blood testing?

What you guys think?

I admittedly do not have very much knowledge of this avenue in MMA but I visited the website. It offers in competition blood testing mostly (or exclusively) which some people dont like or think is excessive.

ghandikush » Posted 7/12/11 3:30:00PM

Personally I really dig this as a way to shame a juicing opponent by voluntarily testing and throwing down the challenge to their potentially juicing opponent ala Penn Rory and JUST Nelson.

This is awesome, it is the reason Shanes on my shitlist of MMA past faves and more are soon to come.

I can only hope that Anderson will voluntarily test to prove his old wrinkly ass isnt getting extra help to do what he does, Same for Jones and GSP...

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