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Out of the 8 UFC Champions, which will be the last to lose his title?
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Jon Jones 23 46%
Anderson Silva 8 16%
GSP 10 20%
Aldo 2 4%
JDS/Benson Henderson 4 8%
Cruz/Mighty Mouse 3 6%
Out of the 8 UFC Champions, which will be the last to lose his title? Poll   [View Full Version]
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airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

Posted by JLS1980


This was tough to pick against Jones but like fullerene said if JDS gets past Cain and The Reem, I just don't see him losing with the lack of competition in the future. The HW division only has 28 fighters on their roster.

I wanted to say GSP but WW has a lot of competition w/Condit, Hendricks, Kampmann, Diaz, Ellenberger, etc. and that'll be a tough run for any WW.

This was 100% my line of thinking as well. I see Jones and Aldo potentially vacating within the next 2 years. Jones because the division will be empty and Aldo because his kidneys won't allow the cut anymore. Silva is getting up there in age, Bendo has some serious competition and I don't think he is as far ahead of his competition as the other champs. MM could lose on any given day, as the difference between the top 4 in that division is minimal. Cruz would have been a good choice, but with Barao and his kicking along with an acl injury for Cruz, he may not win his next fight. GSP would be my second pick.


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