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ghandikush » Posted 7/12/11 3:30:00PM

Posted by Adrenaline

I'm not disagreeing by asking this but why does everyone think Cain is the number one contender? I guess the division isn't all that deep and if you don't give it to Cain or AO who else would be deserving or a challenge but on paper Cain was stopped by JDS in a minute and is on a 1-0 streak against Bigfoot who is no doubt a challenge but not a really a guy you beat and get a title shot for it. I would even understand if people think he just had an unlucky night against JDS and is more equally matched/ better than what he showed in that fight. Logically I would say Cain is the #2 or #3 HW but what happened to earning title shots. I thought fighters getting rematches almost immediately was a big pet peeve on here. Again I'm not disagreeing but personally I think he needs to win another fight, let him smash a can for all I care, its principal to me.

all paper. Jds doesnt have an easy style for Cain or AO but Cain does have the grappliing the completely dismantle JDS. I will guarrentee you Cain on top has NOTHING to come back at him from JDS, not to mention he tried to strike with JDS last time.

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