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Vinny believes he should have the SOTN bonus   [View Full Version]
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bjj1605 » Posted 10/11/07 4:18:00PM

I agree with Vinny 150%.

Vinny's submission was a lot more technical and impressive.

Americana's aren't exactly finesse moves, you can easily muscle them. On top of that, Vitor was already pretty battered by the time the submission happened where as Vinny's was more of a flash submission.

Plus Jones is a super star and the last thing he needs is more money.

Vinny deserved it.

Robbo21 » Posted 6/4/11 11:27:00AM

Vinny should have got it due to the submission itself being technically better. When KOTN gets discussed, nobody talks about these external factors like quality of opponent and circumstances leading to the finish, it's all about the quality of the move itself.

And yeah, the fact that it wouldn't have made an iota of difference to Jones' multi-million dollar bank account is another factor to consider.

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