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Rich Attonito to face Gunnar Nelson following injury to Pascal Krauss   [View Full Version]
Gogoplatapus » Posted 7/24/09 6:01:00PM

Gunnar Nelson’s father has revealed via twitter that Pascal Krauss has been forced to withdraw from UFC in Nottingham later this month, and that Gunnar will now face Rich Attonito, who has agreed to step in on short notice

“Pascal Krauss out injured. Rich Attonito is Gunnar’s Nelson new opponent at UFC in Nottingham. Credit to him for stepping in.”

Attonito has gone 3-2 in the UFC since his debut back in June 2010 where he TKOed Jamie Yager. “The Raging Bull” lost his last fight against Jake Hecht by TKO back in

shaneTpain » Posted 7/30/11 2:57:00PM

Credit to Attonito for stepping in

Aether » Posted 4/26/07 1:42:00AM

Injuries coming non-stop. Are these guys training way too hard, or is it just the nature of the sport?

gartface » Posted 7/29/07 7:00:00PM

Posted by Aether

Injuries coming non-stop. Are these guys training way too hard, or is it just the nature of the sport?

Those are both plausible explanations. I have heard input from I believe Bart Palaszewski's wife about how it's the fact they have health insurance under the UFC now. So the thought is that now that they can afford to bow out of a fight when injured, they will, instead of the old days when they'd more than likely though it out.


fullerene » Posted 5/31/07 3:28:00PM

As more money finds its way into the sport (a good thing IMO) a side effect will likely be more injuries. There are a few reasons for this.
* With more money the fighters are more likely to have health insurance and "financial insurance" (i.e. enough money in the bank) so that they do not have to fight in situations where they don't feel 100%.
* There is more money and more incentive to use PEDs, and that forms a cycle where others have to do the same to keep up. Similar to other sports where PEDs are commonplace you'll see a variety of inuries that didn't haunt athletes nearly as much 30-40 years ago--bicep tears, hamstring tears, etc.--which are caused by overly powerful muscles straining ordinary strength bones and tendons.
* With more money there are more aspiring fighters. It used to be that an average camp/dojo had only a small percentage of participants who were competing regularly. Now everyone "wants to be a $&(& fighter" and so both the ability and the aggressiveness of training partners has increased. It's natural to guage your own progress against a top pro so it's tough to take it easy on a UFC level fighter if you feel like you've got the opportunity to get the better of them in training.

fullerene » Posted 5/31/07 3:28:00PM

BTW, looking forward to seeing Gunnar Nelson fight. A member of our fight team (WRW) was present when he got his purple belt in Iceland and posted the video of him rolling for it. It's cool to see him making it to the big stage a few years later.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

It's the darkness Johnson not rich who stepped in

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