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Andrei Arlovski Didn't Mind The No Contest Since He Got To Soccer Kick Tim Sylvia   [View Full Version]
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meier » Posted 1/15/07 6:25:00PM

Lucky it was the pitbull and not glass joe from mike tysons punch out that kicked him in the head.

Cooler » Posted 6/7/10 4:11:00PM

Posted by Lucas

Posted by Cooler

Posted by bjj1605

Are we seriously applauding a fighter for saying that he would have willfully disobeyed the rules that he and his opponent agreed to??

Yes I am applauding it, the open attack rule was fail from the start, either allow it or don't. I see exactly what Andrei was saying, why the fuck would it matter when you soccer kick someone when the ref wont even give you the signal, it looked the exact same as the Baroni soccer kick TKO. There's a reason they just shitcanned that stupid rule and stuck with a side.

Posted by bjj1605
I'm sure he's joking, but this kind of statement is unacceptable IMO.

Surely he's not, the only joking part was how he said he isn't upset about getting a NC, surely he wanted that beautiful KO to stand like the other soccer kick finish by Baroni

Posted by bjj1605
Timmy and AA both signed on to fight under the same set of rules. Disobeying those rules intentionally would be unsportsmanlike and extremely dangerous.

When is a soccer kick not dangerous if your concern is safety, if you have a problem with soccer kicks I don't think you should watch One FC anymore since they are going to Pride rules.

I agree with what BJJ1605 is saying it's not that i have a problem with soccer kicks if it is clear soccer kicks are allowed and both fighters are aware of this then fine. But if you get soccer kicked when your not expecting it then i do think it is far more dangerous because your not giving the grounded fighter an opportuninty to intelligently defend themself because he's not prepared for it. If you got Knocked to the ground and new you could be soccer kicked you would automatically move into a more defensive position.

The problem is this is a fight, waiting for your opponent to defend himself is quite silly if you think about it, looking at the ref for his opinion. You can't wait for arbitrary refs to make arbitrary calls on if you're "able to intelligently defend themselves" ..what if they are badly hurt from GnP for example and the fighter getting beat is almost out of it but still has his hands up. The ref in that situation under the open attack rule would either; stop the fight or allow the fighter to soccer kick the already beaten fighter. If Sylvia was not able to intelligently defend himself (which looked like he was about a punch or two from being ko'd) the ref should have called the fight right there.

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