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Alistair Overeem Won't Wait For UFC Title Shot   [View Full Version]
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Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars
Those last 4 don't strike me as anything special.

Duffee and Rogers were nothing much. Werdum fight wasn't much of a fight. And Lesnar was had already quit before he fought Lesnar.

But I agree that there really isn't anyone else at the moment unless you just throw someone in there. It seems the same situation for LHW and MW.

What I said might have been confusing. I meant, like when he returns from his suspension he shouldn't get a title shot right away. He should at least have to have a fight and win before a shot.

Duffee and Rogers I agree with, but Rogers was a ranked fighter. Werdum was on his back more often than not, but either way its still a win (just like Anderson dancing his way to a decision) and AO came to fight. Lesnar had a dumb gameplan and tried to strike with Overeem and got his ass kicked (well technically his kidney )

I agree that Overeem should have to win a fight once his suspension is over to face JDS/Velasquez winner, and the Struve/Miocic winner would give him another quality win if he wins.

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Manak » Posted 6/29/07 12:28:00PM

Posted by postman

Posted by armbar66j7

Posted by Sir_Karl

I could give two sh*ts what Overrated says or thinks. Personally I wish he would find a new vocation.

Oh...right...cuz he didnt just get up one day and win the biggest kickboxing tournament in the world with little to no experience, while at the same time riding a pretty good win streak with about 90% being finished in the 1st round..., not to mention hes been fighting A to B level competion since he started his career hes totally ovverated

Sir_Karl you just got served!


tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

Posted by jae_1833

Good....but a question for the PG: Did he really earn/deserve one?

i think he does. and even if people think he doesnt deserve a shot after pissing hot, i still think that it needs to happen. he is to accomplished as a fighter not to fight for the belt. we need to see if he truly is the greatest HW (assuming he doesn't piss hot again.)


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

All of these answers are why I posed the question....I think the guy should have to suffer for his actions, but the suspension should be a part of that. Any fighter that serves a one year no fighting suspension should not get an immediate title shot imo....for one the ring rust is a factor and for two his wins have a black eye. I would say one solid win is definately called for.....I would agree with Cormier, Barnett, or even Cain, but not a third fight with Werdum.....that shit last time was downright painful to watch. One guy refusing to strike and the other refusing to grapple!

Cooler » Posted 6/7/10 4:11:00PM

Posted by jae_1833

Good....but a question for the PG: Did he really earn/deserve one?

If he wins his next fight, yes because like another guy said it will likely be against a top 10... But did he earn it before the positive test? that's debatable I can concur with those who disagree or agree. And if he would have beat JDS, then that helps his hypothetical case to whether he would have deserved it or not, if he got blasted in the first round, maybe not.

meier » Posted 1/15/07 6:25:00PM

Id say feed him browne or hunt or bigfoot

bigrand826 » Posted 4/29/11 7:01:00PM

I am on the fence about Overeem. There's obviously the questions about how he's been able to get so big and how much that helped him as far as him MMA results (and K-1 for that matter).

I feel like there are some that overrate Overeem's striking and some that underrate his skills overall. As for the K-1 stuff and using that to justify labeling him as 'the best HW striker', I don't necessarily agree. Yes, he's done well against the top names (2-0 against Aerts, 1-1 against Hari, 0-1 against Bonjasky), but his 2010 World GP win wasn't all it was cracked up to be. First, Hari and Bonjasky didn't participate, and second, he didn't have to face Semmy due to Aerts pulling the upset in a war. Aerts was 40+ at the time and had just come off that brutal fight with Semmy earlier that same night and Overeem took advantage. Also, Overeem got an injured Saki in the semis. I think it is also worth mentioning that Overeem was the larger fighter in every single match and was able to use his large arms and large gloves to have an effective high guard. He would walk guys down and throw almost exclusively power shots that the smaller guys just couldn't handle, for the most part. Now, I'm not crapping on his accomplishment, just trying to provide some perspective that I think some miss. Overeem did win the 2010 K-1 World GP and took 3rd the year before (getting beat by Hari in the semis).

Now, on the other side, I hear a lot of people saying that Overeem was a bum of LHW, which is not true. He didn't have a great record, but he faced nearly all the top LHWs in PRIDE and was highly competitive in nearly all of them, just ended up losing to most. He was doing pretty well in most of those fights, but they found his chin. It was harder for the K-1 guys to find his chin because of the gloves. I think some of this was shown in the second Werdum fight. Werdum was able to penetrate Overeem's guard with straight punches when he threw.

As far as what should happen when he comes back, I agree that he should have to beat someone rather than just getting a title shot immediately after serving his suspension.

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