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Strikeforce's Coker uncertain if Tarec Saffiedine will get next welterweight title shot   [View Full Version]
BuffaloDave » Posted 8/14/11 9:31:00PM

SAN DIEGO – Tarec Saffiedine was hoping a win over Roger Bowling would get him a shot at a title.

"It's something we just haven't sat down to talk about," Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker said at Saturday's post-event news conference, a refrain that is common with the promotion with Coker preferring to sit down with matchmaker Sean Shelby in the days and weeks following events to get a handle on what fights to make next.


BuffaloDave » Posted 8/14/11 9:31:00PM

Shouldn't Tarec have the title shot kinda by default, since the whole import of fighters is still off.

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

I wouldn't be angry if he got it. He's on a 3 fight win streak in Strikeforce with wins over some well known names (For Strikeforce that is). I wouldn't give him much of a chance over Marquardt personally but he's earned it in my eyes.


DrivenDavies15 » Posted 8/10/11 1:23:00AM

I wouldn't be upset if he got it either. Would kinda like to see him fight someone a little better like Misaki first though. There are still some solid contenders as well like Santiago, Mein, High and Voelker.

bigrand826 » Posted 4/29/11 7:01:00PM

I like Tarec and agree that he's probably the best option for the next title shot. I wasn't all that impressed with his performance. He showed good TDD and didn't appear to be affected by Bowling's power. I thought all but the third were close rounds that could have gone either way, though. I just had higher expectations for him so that's why I wasn't that impressed. I thought he'd have shown a bigger advantage standing. It may have just been because he hadn't fought in over 6 months. These younger guys can really benefit from fighting a little more often.

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

I don't see any other WWs SF has that has done more than Tarec has to warrant a title shot. I don't see him beating Marquardt, but he will make it a competitive fight for the first couple rounds at least with his boxing and TDD

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tcunningham » Posted 9/30/09 9:33:00PM

i really enjoyed his last fight with bowling. i though it was close up until the 3rd, then i think saffiedine secured the win with taking bowlings back. i dont know if he's ready for nate though.

on another note, i want to see bowling fight again. that dude looked pretty good, and threw heat the whole fight. im a fan now of both him and tarec.


jae_1833 » Posted 7/19/07 11:27:00AM

I like the dude too.....he needs to continue what he did to prepare for this fight as it is one of the first where he has not gassed that I have seen. He could benefit from a good camp that has a bit more focus on wrestling too as a lot of his shoot takedowns were heavily telegraphed and I think he has the natural athleticism to be a better wrestler.....and with his power his ground and pound should be great.

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