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Dana White says UFC would add 115-pound division before considering cruiserweight   [View Full Version]
prophecy033 » Posted 7/4/07 4:41:00AM

It's a question Dana White has fielded before, and usually his answer is quick and simple.

But on Thursday, the UFC president tossed a little curveball during a pre-fight news conference for Saturday's UFC 149 pay-per-view event in Calgary.

When asked if the UFC would soon open up a cruiserweight division as a home for those in-between heavyweights who are too big to drop to 205 pounds, but are undersized compared to those in the division that max out at 265, White said if anything, the promotion is likely to go just the opposite.

"We have not considered (a cruiserweight division)," White said. "A lot of people ask me about adding another division. If we do add another division anytime soon, it's going to be a lighter one."



airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM


Goatenstein » Posted 4/27/12 11:03:00AM

Good. Cruiserweight division for crybabies is not needed and would dilute the talent pool even more.

tallica62 » Posted 6/22/07 2:18:00AM

Finally a weight I feel I'd be able to compete at...and I'm 5 foot 10...its my only chance to fight 4 foot guys

Manak » Posted 6/29/07 12:28:00PM

Posted by Goatenstein

Good. Cruiserweight division for crybabies is not needed and would dilute the talent pool even more.

no way, a 205 to 225 would be aweomse, I don't want to to see to midgets run for 25 min when we could see guys KO each other. & which division would it dilute?? all the HW contenders plus the champ are 225+. not to mentions they heavy hitters of 205 could go up but then they would have have as big as an size adv so I could see a lot of guys staying at 205. so it would just be another division that brings in more fans, history proves ppl like see the bigger guys fight more than smaller guys. personally i would take CW over the divs 115-145.

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

I would love to see a cruiserweight division, It would bring together so many superfights that we wouldn't see otherwise.

JLS » Posted 6/6/12 1:54:00PM

I don't think they need to add anymore weight divisions and it's just fine the way it is. The FW (125 lbs) division still needs work with only 12 active fighters on the UFC roster.

After the Benavidez vs Johnson match-up takes place. We will have 10 champions. 8 true champions and 2 interim champions. Just don't see it being a good move from any standpoint. IMO.


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