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FREE Webinar on DU Sweep - 6/2/12, 2:30pm EST   [View Full Version]
DavidAvellan » Posted 2/28/12 6:44:00PM

Have you struggled sweeping people from your guard?

Attend my FREE *LIVE* Webinar this Saturday (6/2/12) at 2:30pm EST!

After my first webinar on the Guillotine Choke, I had the live audience vote on the topic of my next webinar. Sweeps was chosen, so I will be showing you a great sweep series that will complement your BJJ and MMA game. The DU Sweep Series works from closed guard, butterfly guard, half guard and open guard. It works great in MMA too, so I will have something for everyone.

I will be using the same format as before. I will first introduce a technique, demonstrate it, break it down and then open the floor for questions. If you are watching LIVE, your questions will get answered :)

My LIVE audience will also get a few bonus techniques that I will NOT rebroadcast - so make sure you are there this Saturday at 2:30pm EST.

To register, click the link below:

Webinar 2 Registration | David Avellan - Watch MMA, MMA Scraps, and Learn Martial Arts

Believe and Achieve,

David Avellan

David Avellan - Watch MMA, MMA Scraps, and Learn Martial Arts

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