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With Renan Barao promoted, Ivan Menjivar draws Mike Easton at UFC 148   [View Full Version]
BuffaloDave » Posted 8/14/11 9:31:00PM

Renan Barao will be fighting for a title, but Ivan Menjivar isn't missing out on a big fight.

UFC officials today announced that with Barao now fighting Urijah Faber at July's UFC 148 event, the Brazilian's original opponent, Ivan Menjivar, will now fight Mike Easton.


BuffaloDave » Posted 8/14/11 9:31:00PM

Good replacement.

Props to Prozac for calling Easton.

ncordless » Posted 4/8/07 11:09:00PM

Good fight. I doubt Menjivar lets Easton take it slow and steady has he tends to do sometimes. Could be fireworks early.

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KungFuMaster » Posted 5/17/11 11:13:00PM

Easton is a very formidable opponent and I agree - it's a good replacement.

Budgellism » Posted 4/8/07 11:45:00AM

Nice, not a bad replacement at all. I wonder if Easton is ready for this though. I guess we will see.


FastKnockout » Posted 9/24/10 8:39:00PM

Love it!

sbulldavid » Posted 3/8/08 5:44:00PM

I think Menjivar takes Easton

Twenty20Dollars » Posted 6/21/07 4:27:00PM

With this fight, whoever wins the interim title might face another opponent before Cruz is back.

We could see Faber/Barao winner maybe face winner of this Easton/Ivan.

Or Mayday.

Cruz is thinking he'll be back early, but I say no.

prozacnation1978 » Posted 7/5/07 11:42:00PM

Still a hell of a fight with winner knocking on contenders door after mcdonald gets his title Shot

DrivenDavies15 » Posted 8/10/11 1:23:00AM

sick fight, I think I like Menjivar though

airkerma » Posted 1/6/10 12:05:00PM

Posted by BuffaloDave

Good replacement.

Props to Prozac for calling Easton.

First thing I thought when I saw the headline. prozacnation (#PZNbitches) always seems to have the logistics of all UFC events worked out before Joe Silva thinks about match making.


hashyandy4 » Posted 3/31/11 10:49:00PM

Awesome Fight!! Not sure who 2 take, but rite now leaning a lil toward Easton

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mattjonesy » Posted 5/22/07 7:05:00PM

Easton got alot of hype behind him right now for some reason, still a great match up though.

BossHog » Posted 5/13/12 9:37:00PM

Posted by mattjonesy

Easton got alot of hype behind him right now for some reason, still a great match up though.

Hype is deserved in my opinion. Great fighter only knock is I think sometimes he fights down to the competition.

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