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what fight camp would you fight with??   [View Full Version]
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StevenSeagal » Posted 1/8/08 10:08:00AM

No to Chute Boxe cuz they are a lil too one dimensional. Plus my favs are leavin or have left.

Gotta go with Black House.

I would rather train with junior varsity wrestlers then train with MFS. Not a fan of Pat or anyone that names a fighting system after himself. Plus I dont like Tim or Hughes... They come off as ignorant country bumpkins that chase chickens for cardio. lol

Kracker_Jap » Posted 12/27/07 9:23:00PM

If I wanted to be cool I would go with Team Punishment

If I wanted to win I would join Xtreme Couture

If I wanted be a real cool winner I would join XTREME PUNISHMENT

BillsNewAccount » Posted 2/24/11 9:26:00PM

Team Hammer House... no brainer... best in the world

thevoodooninja » Posted 3/7/12 1:43:00PM

Camp thuggee

Shin-2-Chin » Posted 8/22/12 2:57:00PM

Posted by p_unit23

personally, i would fight with chute boxe. Or else i would choose team punishment. what about you?

Ya man, I know there aren't many Ortiz fans out there these days but I've watched every fight he's been in, the very first fight I watched was UFC 40 been hooked ever since. Team Punishment for my first choice then AKA for my second

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