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Jon Jones On Rashad | “I definitely pray for him. I wonder how he’s doing,”   [View Full Version]
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grappler0000 » Posted 3/24/07 5:29:00PM

On a side note, he doesn't refuse to sign the $9.99 belt that kids buy at the store...he refused to sign the several hundred dollar replica that looks exactly like the real thing. So, those images of crying kids on the sidelines are purely fantasy...there are probably 2-3 adults out there that are bummed, but that's about it. Just had to get that out of the way.


KungFuMaster » Posted 5/17/11 11:13:00PM

I understand some of you will try and compare Jon Jones to the likes of the Diaz brothers or other fighters with bad attitudes - and that is fine but you will probably not succeed in your attempt.

I particularly do not like the immaturity which have been displayed by the Diaz brothers but in their defense, they do not manufacture false images of themselves whereas Jon Jones does - and I believe that is the number one reason why many people simply cannot get on-board the Bones Train.

KungFuMaster » Posted 5/17/11 11:13:00PM

Posted by grappler0000

Posted by TeamDEY

I know fighter bashing is prohibited... but he is a bitch... all i got to say

...knowing is half the battle. You probably also know what's next.

A warning? I think a warning is sufficient.

Poor_Franklin » Posted 6/7/11 4:52:00AM

Most fighters are alphas. Most alphas are hard to get a long w/ &most of us would probably find more than a few things wrong w/ most of these guys if we were given the chance to hang out w/ them (Chael, I'm not talking to you).

Whether it be football, soccer, mma, basketball.....whatever sport, there's gonna be nice guys, there's gonna be assholes, & between both, there's going to be a lot of confidence, arrogance & some cockiness bc that's what drove a lot of guys to get where they are.

everything i see Jones do seems like nothing more than to reach his goal to be w/ Nike (or some other major brand). there's nothing wrong w/ that goal, but it makes me feel like everything he does on his way to it to be very disingenuous

Never Trust A Man Who Does Not Make All Of His Picks

Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

I didnt like how he was hopping around against Rashad trying to look like Bruce Lee it was awkward

the_01 » Posted 1/1/08 4:49:00PM

The guy is a great fighter, and thats what matters. Its a fight game, not a drama.

FR33B1RD » Posted 3/30/10 5:55:00PM

Or pick up a phone and ask...

KungFuMaster » Posted 5/17/11 11:13:00PM

Posted by FR33B1RD

Or pick up a phone and ask...

This pretty much says it all. If you really care for someone and would like to know how he is doing, then ask him.

There are just too many overwhelming evidence which points to Jones being phony.

Boo_Radley21 » Posted 7/19/07 12:28:00AM

as much as ive been disliking his interviews lately he will still sub hendo

KingCmb » Posted 3/19/09 8:18:00AM

not hitting poles while shipfaced

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