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Does Jim Miller deserve a title shot?
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Yes 7 32%
No 8 36%
Depends on how he wins 7 32%
Does Jim Miller deserve a title shot if he beats Nate Diaz?   [View Full Version]
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LuckyCharms » Posted 3/28/11 6:57:00PM

I voted on how he wins the fight. if it goes to a close decision then no, but if Miller is able to finish the fight early then yes.

In the fight between Miller and Henderson, Henderson was able to win the fight do his wrestling mindset. Miller kept going for any submission he saw, that made him lose position and give Henderson the dominant position in the fight.

If Miller gets a title shot with Henderson, I'm highly sure that Miller will change his gameplan/mindset of the fight. And focus more on position and go for submission that will not cause him to give up dominant position.

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