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Alistair Overeem fails pre-fight drug test, likely out of UFC 146 title fight   [View Full Version]
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papercut » Posted 3/3/07 4:18:00PM

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still a fan regardless. also, his body transformation from lhw to hw is actually very plausible to do naturally in the time he took to do it. here's hoping sample b comes back clean

Give me one other example of a person who's gained that much size in that little time.

Didn't Mir pack on like 30 pounds or so between Lesnar and Carwin?

250 to cutting to 265. so probably between 20-30 pounds but yes. He got big during that span.

I generally agree with this. I am an Overeem fan, but I have always had my suspicions that he didn't go through his transformation 'cleanly'. Still, I did believe that it WAS possible, even if unlikely. I have presented my opinion countless times to hear people simply say some variation of this, "Nope, not possible. Just look at him. You can't gain that much muscle without being on PEDs. It's impossible." While I acknowledge that it is highly unlikely, I absolutely disagree that it is impossible for someone to do. Now that he's failed a test, it is all but certain that HE didn't do it without PEDs, but that still doesn't mean that doing what he did without them is impossible. I gained 30 pounds of muscle in less than 6 months taking nothing but protein. Now I don't pretend that my situation was exactly like Overeem's, but based on what I was able to do in 6 months makes me believe that it is POSSIBLE that someone could do what Overeem did without using PEDs.

it also seems people forget what fighters weight actually is compared to weigh ins. they may weigh 205 at weigh ins but after that they can be back up in the 220s 230s within 24 hours. so its not like he packed on 55lbs. in reality it was much closer to 30-35


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