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Jake Ellenberger: Carlos Condit Doesn’t Want Rematch   [View Full Version]
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Kpro » Posted 1/27/07 9:53:00PM

Posted by FR33B1RD

When I saw it live I had it 29-28 Jake but I would've scored the fight a draw the second time I saw the fight because I gave Condit the last two rounds. But I still gave Jake the first round 10-8 easily with no debate. There's no way Condit won that fight, it's too bad judges are such pussies and dont give out 10-8s when they are warranted, especially when you almost get ktfo twice (which could've been stopped as a tko) and almost get choked.

I also had the fight a draw with a 10-8 first round. I don't think there's any doubt it was a 10-8. Jake dropped him hard twice to a turtled position, Condit looked out (and I think he might've been briefly), and many refs would've stopped it. I'm glad they didn't because Condit is a tough m-f-er but Ellenberger also attempted multiple subs to none, got the only takedown in the round, and tripled him on power shots landed. That's a no doubt 10-8er, and the stats don't do it justice, the eye-test does. And Condit, with his amazing recovery and conditioning took the next two rounds. I agree, no debate. Textbook 28-28 if I've ever seen one.

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tallica62 » Posted 6/22/07 2:18:00AM

That first fight was one of the first times I heard of Ellenberger and I thought Condit would easily TKO him..I was super impressed with Ellenberger

Bubbles » Posted 10/20/09 3:33:00PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Condit needs to fight Ellenberger, sure. He doesn't need to fight him now, though.

No offense to Ellenberger and I don't intend this to come across as fighter bashing, but Ellenberger hasn't really done shit to earn a title shot. Interim or otherwise.

Before people get all up in arms, I realize he's won 6 fights in a row and that his loss to Condit was via SD. With that said, Condit has made just as many improvements during that time as Ellenberger.

Ellenberger's most notable victory came against a man who just lost his father. I'm not saying that he still wouldn't have won the fight or that he's incapable of beating Shields, but that's a rough estimate of his skillset considering how much he struggled against a Diego Sanchez that cannot seem to pick a division and is now 2-3 in his last 5 (I'll give you that he got FOTN on 3 of those).

Ellenberger showed serious holes in his game against Sanchez and I sort of feel like he should have to prove himself one more time. Personally, I think Johny Hendricks has more of a claim than Ellenberger. Say whatever you want to say, but Hendricks straight blasted Fitch and finished him for the first time in AGES.

Alas, Hendricks is set to face Koscheck in a fight that is basically a lateral move from his fight with Fitch. I actually think it's a step down if anything. Prior to Hendricks, Fitch was unbeatable by anyone not named GSP in the UFC. Koscheck doesn't really have anything that Fitch doesn't have either. Both fighters are wrestlers. Koscheck may have been the better collegiate wrestler, but Fitch is by far the better MMA wrestler. Koscheck might have more power in his hands, but neither one of them have more than Hendricks.

With Diaz completely out of the picture, barring a miracle with the NSAC, it really leaves Ellenberger sitting pretty unless Dana wants to shelve Condit until after Hendricks and Koscheck fight and I cannot see him doing that.

At the end of the day, it doesn't fucking matter what Malki wants. Dana will make the matchup with Ellenberger whether or not Kawa wants this fight. I don't think Ellenberger deserves it yet, but he certainly seems like he's going to get the de facto shot.

Alves vs Kampmann is coming up, the winner of that deserves to be in this discussion

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